Don’t pay taxes, get audited with penalties and/or interest, win the lottery!

NEW!!! Legal free way to spend no money and get rid of all governments in the n-dimensional universe! See Rebel’s Barter.

Anarchy is inevitable, and anarchy leads to perfection…

Don’t pay or collect taxes, it’s legal, don’t pay bills and redistribute! The only guaranteed way to create true ultra-equality and prosperity for all! Use government money to get rid of the government! Power to the individual! Anarchy is order! Mutiny on the Bounty and industrial democracies and peer-to-peer networks for all institutions on this planet, with indefinite self-employment security! Find out how to be self-sufficient, and share, and share alike, fairness enforced by proactive non-violent old school and high-tech vigilantism and encryption and competition!

Conservatism (in general) = make everyone free. Liberalism (in general) = end all exploitation. Power takes away your freedom and exploits you indefinitely, anti-conservative and anti-liberal, and these powerful sociopaths go laughing all the way to the bank as they turn you against each other and benefit from a never-ending chain-reaction where your death produces more deaths, and make you vindictive against an elusive scapegoat they conspire with – your fault, not theirs’. So the rebels now take to the streets. So why do you refuse to revolt, and be ridiculed for being a naive sycophant when you can all be independent, happy and productive with more kinetic energy that builds up more potential energy, even when you can’t work or don’t want to?

Peace = Leaderless Anarcho-capitalism + Anarcho-communism with Voluntaryism => Techno-anarchy + Anarcho-primitivism as Backup.

mutual symbiosisEducation trumps the evil double-standard of power and all it’s abuses, and anticipation of mutual symbiosis to end all parasite-host relationships. Clownfish and sea anemones always outlive everything else in a reef aquarium! And there is no evidence of a preliminary chemical or pheromone exchange, more evidence of God and hope for a few!

M-B Super Imperfection



The Federal Reserve is $20 trillion in debt, with unknown higher debt figures for the WTO and IMF, and spending obligations are increasing for pensions, socialized health care, welfare and food stamps, social security, etc. with exorbitant waste and anticipation of longer than expected life spans, and this includes services at the local and state level, not just federal. Combine this with the law-of-diminishing-returns for tax revenues irregardless of rising or falling tax rates (lower taxes increases tax revenues as people go back to work, foreign investors invest and start paying taxes again), but the increasing awareness of tax exemptions, tax deductions, and the “profitability of tax delinquencies” where those who don’t pay taxes are rarely audited, and if they are, often pay less than what they owe through tax relief programs, the system is likely to collapse, causing anarchy worldwide as other governments make similar mistakes, and the world has too much dependence on the U.S. government for services. Tax audit insurance, tax audit lotteries, and tax audit charities, three inventions of mine, can be bought and sold so we can all profit off the imminent collapse of government to insure people against penalties, interest, and legal fees to remove liens, likely to remain low because of Republicans and supply-side economics keeping penalties and interest rates low, and hungrier lawyers who charge less or you can represent yourself. I and many people I know are tax delinquent and never get audited, and if you are audited, you can easily qualify for tax relief. Radio plays commercials now that mostly talk about tax relief, the Fresh Start Initiative, and how you pay less than what you owe. There are many brilliant ideas on how to hide your money from the IRS, as they now negotiate from the standpoint of weakness, not strength. If you fear penalties, interest, and/or legal fees to remove liens, tax audit insurance, tax audit lotteries, and tax audit charities are industries likely to be guaranteed money-makers until we wipe out all taxation as an act of legislation and let the government know they will forever fear us far more then we fear them, until they seize to exist.

There are primarily three reasons I feel anarchy is going to be the best thing that ever happened to us:

1. Permanent good world economy, with a collapse of the misery index (much lower unemployment, inflation, interest rates), with you-win-I-win, work smarter-not-harder, productive-and-happy competition leading to higher income, better working conditions with more benefits, more loans given to people with lower credit scores, better technology for being proactive and reactive to crime and civil law injustices, better health with much less expense, and deregulation leading to more prosperity and the end of economic destitution, in a high-tech world with more good ideas of creating jobs and a higher standard of living than ever before, ending poverty and de-funding the military-industrial complex until peace is achieved, not just the absence of war, but the absence of debate.

2. The default privatization of former government services for better, cheaper, friendlier service, in contrast to a government that is expensive, counter-productive, belligerent, and anti-democratic, anti-libertarian, anti-capitalist, anti-freedom, in order to increase the number of dependencies to get re-elected, until total automation rewarding good human behavior makes human labor and money, and all it’s greed-breeding, obsolete.

3. The establishment of libertarian law, “Thou shalt not create a victim”, instead of a system that over-enforces the little things and under-enforces the big things, innocent people going to jail more likely to pay for and concede to a quota and enslaved to dig their own graves, the guilty getting away to hopefully create more job security for the real criminals working in the criminal justice system who drug the kool-aid-drinkers into the same state of masochist submission-sodomization-self-destruction. Because a jury of your peers chosen for being as malleable and pliable as possible when jury duty is coerced with more prison sodomy-threats, and lazy, over-zealous prosecutors who want plea bargains and three-day-trials for drugs, prostitution, bench warrants, speech crimes, etc. and often let heinous offenders like rapists, murderers, and child molesters go Scot-free because of resistance to 9-15 month trials.

Internationalism guarantees the collapse of government

Karl Marx
Mikhail Bakunin
Pierre Proudhon

Those were the words of the Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin from the 1800’s. It pertained to his escape to the territories of the western U.S. from imprisonment in Siberia, people want to be free and often immigrate to escape oppression. The U.S. has a trillion dollar per-year hit because of illegal immigration, which is another reason the system is being bankrupted and we will be guaranteed a stateless society someday. But now your money finds freedom when it travels at the speed-of-light on the information super highway to avoid the taxman. Foreign tax ID numbers, foreign merchant account providers, overseas trust funds – if we all had them, nobody would pay corporate, income, consumption, capital gains, dividends, and even property tax, potentially wiping out all tax revenue. And with overseas trust funds, you can suffocate the lawyers out of existence as well.

Karl Marx, regarded as the founder of socialism for advanced industrialized societies, was also an anarchist but historians and politicians don’t want you to know that as many are teachers and professors who work at public institutions and don’t want to lose their tenure, high salaries, socialized medicine, and pensions, and the progressives don’t want to give up their power like anyone else in the driver’s seat. The natural transgression of government type and mode of production over time, with some overlaps, goes as follows:

Hunter/gatherer Society -> Agrarian Society -> Slavery -> Feudalism -> Capitalist Democracy -> Socialism -> Communism -> Anarchy with Chaos -> Anarchy with Peace

Caveman legislation final

Marx and his mentor, Pierre Joseph Proudhon, believed there would be a societal effort to eradicate government after a proletariat revolution (protests and competition from smaller firms and the self-employed against larger firms, as workers revolt against their management, downsizing them to workers or forcing their departure, leading to Proudhon’s invention, industrial democracy). Marx said you will have a proletariat revolution, dictatorship of the proletariat, with tax and re-distribute with a heavy progressive tax (socialism, for social services) and the seizing of private property as public property (communism, property owned by the community), and then anarchy. Their attitude may have been based on knowledge of many communes throughout history collapsing. The first European-Americans, the pilgrims, tried collectivism, and it fell apart quickly, like the Louis Brumaire commune, which made the people lazy, they would consume more than they would produce, money left the country that was not being taxed or people wouldn’t pay the tax, and the system would collapse but lead to a new system. Anarchy has happened many times in the past but was usually temporary and chaotic. In the Western territories of the U.S. in the 1800’s, quasi-anarchy lasted many decades, and even though there were vigilante offenses and horse thieves were sometimes hung without a judge, it was considered by those who lived there less oppressive, with cheaper land and lower unemployment than the American east coast and regimes of Europe, Mexico, and China. And we are now far more tolerant and advanced than the men of the wild, wild west, with electronic communication to educate the masses far better and faster how to privatize and achieve near perfection. Marx wanted, for advanced industrialized societies, the transgression to be peaceful, with workers experiencing class consciousness. But if there is chaos, out of chaos comes order like Friedrich Nietzsche said, and privatization in a world that becomes less oppressive over time with electronic communication to guarantee the laws of supply and demand will institute privatization. The world will witness the ideal political socioeconomic system, or “non-system”, what Proudhon calls order without power. Power according to the anarchist is always abused, as a system that thinks it can make you pay taxes against your will does not have to perform like those in the private sector, and will be too expensive, causing laziness, inefficient or down-right counter-productive to intentionally create its own chaos to make the people more dependent by promulgating poverty, crime, and war, knowing the people will elect officials mistakenly thinking we need them to control the chaos they create (War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, Slavery is Freedom, the words of George Orwell from “1984”). But like Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “people get the government they deserve”, and it’s our fault, not the government’s fault, that tyranny abounds. Government served its purpose in its day, like the many recession/depressions caused by capitalism, as when companies who manufactured more goods than the people can buy in 1929, never to happen again (?) because of computerized inventory control, and small national economies that would become depressed because of a chain-reaction of paranoia caused by bad news, giving way to a global economy of 7 billion people who can absorb the shock of bad news to prevent a recession/depression. There was the need for Teddy Roosevelt to bust up 55 monopolies and lack of competition in recent years between utility companies to invite regulations, but now improving technology, like cable companies offering phone service, satellite instead of cable, butane and propane as old but now new alternatives to natural gas, solar and wind to compliment infrastructure electricity, we can deregulate. And the need for public schools because the poor and middle class could not afford private schools, which gives way to Internet schools that anyone can afford. Now is the perfect time to get rid of the government. All we need is Adam Smith, “competition guarantees prosperity”, and William Wallace, “what would you do without freedom?”.

Fat Cats and Democrats
90% of the wealthy, when this book was written by G. William Domhoff in 1972 (with the same result with his sequel in the late 1990’s) donate to the Democratic Party, as the wealthy have always disproportionately benefited from International tax shelters, sovereign tax exemptions and deductions, and are less likely to be audited as their tax lawyers and accountants usually embarrass the IRS. More importantly, Democrats are going to raise taxes on all, especially the middle class, and nickel and dime the poor, to give them a competitive advantage so you don’t become a Wall Street investor or business who can compete against them, as the high misery index does not effect them. They want you poor as a consumer and a worker, hiring you only when you already have a job, work with the government to give out all your information online line, including information where ID thieves know secrets to steal your bank/PayPal information, medical information, make it impossible for you to find a job, benefit when they make you a criminal as their own consumer when you are arrested for harassment just for two benign requests for a refund (very common according to law enforcement, who want shake-down money, as 90% turn themselves in to avoid an arrest record, but an arrest record will still make it impossible for you to find a job) and benefit from egregious social Darwinism. However, the 10% who donate to the Republican Party have too much power too, they did not like Ronald Reagan.


Confucius say, “He who uses International law will never have to pay taxes”. No investigation, no paperwork, no problem. 7 billion earthlings with electronic money going overseas at the speed of light to avoid the taxman, how fast can lawyers run?

Paying TaxesLeona Happy to get off

Paying taxes, time consuming, bankrupting you, knowing like Leona Helmsley said, “Only the little people pay taxes!”

Patrick Leahy Why I Should be Paying Higher Taxes!

Your tax exempt competition, like Patrick Leahy, don’t pay taxes, taking away serious market share from you, rendering you unemployed, and putting you out on the streets…

Homeless Woman

And you have no access to EDD, Cash Aid, Food Stamps, or SDI/SSI/SSDI, because the tax money has already dried up for all the social services…

Brunette Raped OutdoorsWoman Being RapedBig Bubba Blubbery Blubber

You are raped by Big Bubba, Blubbery Blubber, because the tax money for heinous felons, the vast majority at first convicted of victim-less crimes, madder than Hell because of the Crime Bill and expensive, counter-productive incarceration, has dried up, releasing him to the streets, where you will live with millions of them ready to assault you at any moment…

Woman Eating Garbage

You’re forced to eat out of a garbage can, and then…

Woman Frozen 2

You die a horrific death because of exposure to the elements, as the world is getting colder, not warmer…

DanteThe darkest places in Hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis…Dante.

The solution that will save the planet, until an improving economy with my tax revolt and better technology renders government responsibilities less important, is the following… Privatize the World!

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