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James Dante Wood (Jim Wood) was born July 20, 1964, in Orange, CA. I was born to a family that is English, German, Italian, Russian, French, American Indian, Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish. I have a B.S. degree in Physics from the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, in 1987, an A.S. degree in Computer Science from Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA, in 1988, a Micro-computer Repair Certificate from International Business Institute, Lake Forest, CA, 1995, and an A.A. in Graphic Design from Platt College, Newport Beach, CA, 1998. I am a pathologic INTJ (introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judgemental) which means relentless innovator, 3% of the male population, 1% of the female population. I am an automation expert, working myself, my co-workers, and my supervisors out of a job everywhere I go, hated by them, loved by stock holders and CEO’s, and I’m going to work you out of a job, until you all become self-employed and we all put the robots to work.

I was a key member as a technician and materials engineer in companies that were leaders in semi-conductor, printed circuit, and hard drive component technology specializing in electron microscopy, energy dispersive x-ray analysis, and other instrumentation to perform failure analysis and generate millions of dollars of revenue. I am one of the pioneers of chip-implant technology, inventing MABAS (Magnetically-Aligned Ballast Antenna System) and ALS (Automatic Location System) with software and AutoCAD schematics and descriptions submitted to joint venture capitalists, and instructing key symposiums on how this technology is revolutionary for finding missing people, locating people with failed vital signs because of bio-transducers, and broadcasting the locations of sex offenders and parolees for in-house arrest. I am currently working on widgets that will allow smart phones to perform triangulation to acknowledge location, identity, and vital signs of people and animals with these implants, and report to ALS and public-to-become-private authorities, with consent except for parolees, so smart phone possessors can acknowledge location and health of loved ones and parolees and have alarms go off when vital sign thresholds are met or in close proximity to parolees. This will require cooperation with Apple, Google (Chrome), and Microsoft to implement technology. I was also a software engineer who designed the entertainment system for Air Force 1 and contributed to Turbo Tax, the number 2 software package in the world.

I was one of the co-founders of the Minuteman movement in 2004, working harder, raising more money, and involved in the most pinnacle of events to effect the illegal immigration climate leading to a substantial reduction of illegal aliens in this country according to census data since 2005 when I and a 11 other Minutemen were attacked by 400 protestors (30 violent assaults) in July of 2005 in Campo, CA. I was the webmaster of two defunct websites, NoInvaders.org, and BorderFenceProject.com, which raised millions of dollars to black list illegal alien employers and build fortifications on Mexican border, mostly chain link reinforcing pre-existing cattle fencing and the invention of SPRAVU (Self-Powered Remote Audio Video Units), covert solar powered cameras that uploaded video of border to Internet, designed to privatize immigration law enforcement, while embarrassing federal government to do more immigration law enforcement and causing a substantial reduction in illegal attempted crossings of the border since 2005.

As sole proprietor of AnarchyForever.com, I hope to create a major, tax-free, industrial democracy corporation that will expand from blog to multi-faceted portal, which now offers information, collect donations to register the Anarchist Party in all 50 U.S. states, attracts candidates and pursue referendum serious about winning elections, offering tax audit insurance, tax audit lottery tickets, and tax audit charity as a legal, peaceful way to bring down government, offer tax relief and educating people from around the world how to use tax shelters to deny the public sector of approximately 98% of their tax revenue, instruct people how to collect more social services and engage in a dynamic to bankrupt the public sector around the planet, a news service, a podcast, a search engine, social networking, a store, and various mechanisms instructing people from around the world how to privatize the responsibilities of what will be the former government.

Based on theory which becomes fact, if for no other reason but self-fulfilling prophesy, free-will determinism, and the inevitability of a campaign for peace and justice like the world has never seen, I challenge the skeptics to dispute the talent of the prophets to prevent the invocation of perfection, which will verify that as the consummate optimist, everything evolves except God, and I will soon convert the world into believers, as synergy leads to consensus, fate, destiny, no such thing as coincidences, and history will never record a more important extravaganza as the one that leads us to heaven on earth, and communication with the dearly departed as predicted by Edgar Cayce. I will address future shows and speeches with the following introductory salutation:

I am James Dante Wood, the actual person of the Man of Sin, sent by God to bring down evil government, and make way for the return of Jesus Christ, in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen. All people are inherently good, and all government is inherently evil. We will create a dynamic to restore national sovereignty to every nation on this planet, as I have mastered every field of academia. Universal religion, no more hatred, no more crime, no more wars, no more plague, famine, disease, poverty, or hunger. We will create a high tech super middle-class, where everyone can be happy, healthy, prosperous, well educated, and efficient, and high tech super wealth, for people like you and I, to create charity for those who cannot work. We will create a world which is forgiving, forgetful, kind, loving, peaceful, tranquil, and serene for at least a thousand years, in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

When this crusade is over with, I will not weep a tear for Big Brother like Winston Smith from “1984”, and I will not hang myself like John the Savage from “Brave New World”, I will die an American soldier on American soil because it’s the American way, and be martyred a Christian, so if you think I am going away, like Judas Priest said, “You’ve got another thing coming”. I’m just like Jason, you can hack me to death, you can set me on fire, but I’m just going to keep coming back for more…


The Dragon has been released from its cage…

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