Instant Cash Machine!

This is no bull. “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” mutual symbiosis with verification at the speed of light, and peer-to-peer pyramid building, with seven advantages of automatic outbound links, even when you are at the bottom of the pyramid. A MUST HAVE where dissenters, like the Nanny Nazis, the high-bulk-budget doing-too-well, and the little guy who plays by all the rules and gets the shaft historically, are left out. But we do play by all the rules! 100% permission-based robot advertising, whether you send or receive risk-free ads, highly non-competitive and easy-to-do form-mail advertising that also becomes more permission-based as you can be our affiliate and kill two-or-more birds with one stone! Your affiliates and sellers will find this IRRESISTIBLE!

Capitalize on black-hat-to-white-hat SEO spam to non-spam, high volume, but NOT the same repeated message but highly original, high-demand, low-competition keywords trending upward, with optimized high keyword relevance scores for you and everybody in a 100-tier pyramid, but very low plagiarism penalty.

No Pandas

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