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As you go from cost per action to cost per impression, there is more risk, but the possibility of higher profit. In a stateless society, where the little guy has an advantage because of the tax revolt, there are many good ideas on how to make everyone wealthy – high income, low cost of living, machine automation, with your own business, and CPA as a pyramid, or MTAP (also known as an MLM) where at, pyramids for CPA and high search engine rankings occur with less effort, defying this age-old linear phenomena

Here you have a golden opportunity to lock-in low priced cost per placement advertising, on a per week basis, and try to guarantee a positive return on investment. Because the future’s market says the tax revolt will turn around the world economy, and Multi-Tier Affiliate Programs (MTAP) coupled with high search engine rankings at will force big players in advertising to drop their high risk, high profit cost-per-click/impression prices to something much lower, we will do the same here. We are part of a network of niche websites where the stickiness of our visitors, who know “honesty is the best policy” and are tired of the fake news of Facebook and the black hat spam at Google, you’re more likely going to find hungry customers here. With a start-up business, the customer will ask, “Do we know you, and do we trust you?”. They will know you here through solicited advertising, and trust you more through the act of not using unsolicited spam, and using testimonials, especially video, and giving away something for free at first, is the best way to build trust, and get more recommendations.

Don’t have a website or start-up business? Let us help you with We offer investment insurance, no middlemen, pool money and storage together to undermine big companies who buy in bulk. Take down institutions through the stock market where all members are directors on the board, with the best buy low, sell high software for stocks. Free information on how to use Panda Busters with trustworthy escrow, an industrial democracy of people who will show you how to use Google Trends to find high demand, low competition, trending upward keywords, to optimize your website and tailor it to your talents/interests and serve the market at the same time. Finding related keywords to trending keywords is the key to sell products/services that may be a loss-leader, but get your customer addicted to your store, and you should sell high profit margin items relevant to the loss-leader (eg. 99 cent blue ray discs, buy a blue ray player, get 10 blue ray discs for free).

After your ad has been accepted, we will e-mail you a PayPal payment request. For now, as of June 1, 2018, the prices for the four ad programs are the following:

Topic sticky (of your choice) = $19.95/week

Forum sticky (of your choice) = $34.95/week

Newsletter bottom sponsor = $49.95 per news letter blast

Newsletter top sponsor = $74.95 per news letter blast

Podcast commercial = $4.95 CPM (cost per thousand impressions)

Podcast top sponsor (advocated relevant to talk show content) = $7.49 CPM

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