Anti-democratic Guilds

EddiePeople say, “Jim, while is awesome for creating super-prosperity for the little guy, and turning rich people into poor people will qualify Eddie Murphy as the next Vice President of the United Territories of America (with anarchy, there will be no slavery, except when Eddie is forced to be your next Vice President. But if I am not a hypocrite and believe in competition, turn him against the other consideration, Greg Graffin, like Spartacus and his best friend, and the winner will become VP with VIP treatment. Maybe the winner would rather be crucified like Spartacus?), I want to work with myGraffin Reject co-workers for a plan that is simpler, and democracy means fraud because of what Vladimir Putin does to his own elections, where he loses in the polls every time, and he has the nerve to fix our elections. Plus, when the jails go away because privatizing them is too expensive except when they’re used for the cops, lawyers, and politicians, because of what Verse 10, Chapter 13 of Revelation says, we don’t have to fear retaliation from employers after we take over and deprecate them, and have hire/fire decisions independent of bosses, votes, or consensus of departments or entire firms, as it is too complicated and it takes too much time, probably the reason why the Japanese lost the war, because they were too busy reading the owner’s manual for the atomic bomb”.

The answer is, we are all Jack/Jacqueline Nicholson, and we all work for commission. Each worker enters a percentage of company total revenue you believe you are worth, say, into a computer once a week, and if the sum of all the combined workers’ percentages exceeds 100%, say, 150%, divide 100% by 150%, multiply by each individual worker’s percentage, and the new percentage is what you get. If you charge too much relative to other co-workers and earn less, you can lower the percentage the following week, or increase it if you earn too little relative to higher coworker percentages, and therefore feel it should be increased the following week. You can look up good software for price-versus-quantity supply-versus-demand analysis, with interpolation and extrapolation to stay ahead of the future’s market. Be a jack of all trades half the time, and a master of one half the time, with smart phone access to call in coworkers when there is a need to negotiate more time on the job, or non-brick-and-mortar work at home, with an understanding that you should prevent the saddle-curve-learning-curve from “dipping downward” if you neglect re-training for a fundamental job skill, say, by not refreshing your job skills at least once every two weeks (Good economy or your firm is doing well, it’s better to be a master of one like in Reagan days, whatever your interest is based on talent alone, or best closest fit to serve supply versus demand-only economy. A bad economy, or your firm is not doing well, like in 70’s or early 90’s, when self-serve gasoline, build-it-yourself stores, etc. became more popular in a more nihilistic society, it’ better to be a jack of many trades with time-delayed-memory-retention tests to determine when to best do what’s best as a freelancer, or retrain for your firm with indoor-closest-available outdoor space for expanding and contracting inventory, share and share alike with out-door or indoor malls). There is no need to fire anybody, if they consistently lose money, they will do something else there or at some other firm. There’s no such thing as a bad worker, just a bad fit. Remember, all great discoveries happen by accident, like when Columbus discovered America instead of India, and died poor because that tramp Queen Isabella got mad because he could not find and import spices. What was Renaissance man’s way of preserving food? Eating it, until Vasco de Gama found the real Indian spices by going south of Africa, and beat Columbus to the punch. I crashed a security vehicle in the 1980’s when I was a rent-a-cop, and the assistant chief congratulated me because it led to the money they needed to fix the water pump. Remember when Eddie Murphy broke a vase and Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche said they made a $40,000 profit because of the insurance settlement? Explorers and inventors without patent laws always save the world, and should be promoted!

And what about hiring people without a manager or a vote? No problem. Remember your hero and mine, George “do the opposite” Costanza, who got tired of being called Koko the gorilla, so he hired a coworker named Koko so he can retain his nickname “T-bone”? His boss asked him, “Is that what you do now George, hire people?” George said, “Uh, yeah…?”. The boss replied, “Yoh kay!!!”. Power to the individual, not the team, when you need to hire someone right away when the economy overheats because of my tax revolt, or losing World War III because you were too busy voting, doing a background check, and there is no time to read the owner’s manual on how to divert a space-probe trying to dry-up the oceans looking for humpback whales! Many companies go out of business because they over-heat in a hot economy, and are permanently banned by old customers. But it is necessary to deprecate George from “T-bone” to “Gammy”, he gets too overconfident if he gets his way!

The ’90’s are back! Just like George, we can all sleep on the job, and sleep with other people/(?) on the job!

George Costanza sleeping with dog

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