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Permanent relief from the Democans and the Republicrats!

Buy lottery tickets for and 50% of your money will go to you when you register the Anarchist Party with the Secretary of State in all 50 states, approve ballot measures or yourselves as candidates, and as “clams adjusters” you will also be paid when you vote for evidence of party, ballot measure/candidate registration. 50% will go to the people who verify registration of the party, ballot measures, themselves as candidates, and 30% will go to the voters/raters here on the redirecting-to forums, as claims adjusters, no later than the 15th of the following month. 20% goes to me, Jim Wood.

Sign our petition from any country in the world at Worldwide Anarchist Party Petition and your signatures will be submitted to all countries, starting with the U.S., and all democracies and countries forced to become democracies. There is no need for us to pay $5 per signature for signature gatherers, all signatures will be uploaded automatically to the Secretary of State daily.

As anarchists we are serious about winning elections and feel we have to win elections, because of all the imminent chaos as the result of abuse by the power-brokers and those who concede to them, and it may lead to civil wars and/or a bloody coups. We can advertise on the Internet at very high volume and with very little money because of permission-based robots, and undermine a multi-billion-dollar industry of propaganda ads launched by the two-party system, that are designed to dumb-down the unsuspecting prey.

Because of the possibility of total conflict between powerful rival factions and the failure to privatize as acts of legislation, with the possibility of no-privatization of social security, leading to massive homelessness and starvation, I will not bar the possibility of using our treasury’s money for what we will try to ensure as a bloodless coup, in Washington D.C., and all other state capitals, county/city/town political bodies, etc. We will only act with a private vote by you as contributors based on the political climate with evidence for cooperation by armed personnel to act with best guarantee of effectiveness, and when the decision to launch a coup is higher than 50%, there will be a clandestine communication blast to thoroughly background-checked, vetted, and reference-checked personnel to intercede-on and launch bloodless coup at an undisclosed-to-public time.

Citron-crested Cockatoo - Anarchist Party Mascot
Citron-crested Cockatoo – Anarchist Party Mascot
Should the citron-crested cockatoo be the mascot for the Anarchist Party?
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