Dead Pool and Obituary

Make a prediction about the death of anyone, with emphasis on public officials (esp. police officers, prosecutors, judges, politicians, etc.), upload photograph, name, age/date of birth, occupation(s) (even if retired), information about health or a “dangerous disposition” (eg. dangerous hobby/sport/recreational activity, reckless driver or other habits associated with unstable behavior, lack of education, resented, town/class/company/family pariah, etc.), any contact information, if available, and the reasons you think they are near death, and if the individual dies, you will win all or a share (if there is more than one winner any month) of the Dead Pool, which is not a violation of PayPal’s term’s of service, and if altered, PayPal must by law deposit funds in into our bank where a new account will be created, but PayPal, knowing it is impossible to police new-sign-ups, which can be done with robot technology, and they will otherwise lose market share to their competition if we and/or others go elsewhere. The uploader gets 50% of the award allotted to them when the death is confirmed, 100% if you have no replies/votes, if there are one or more votes/replies, they will share the 50% (Anarchy Forever keeps 20%). It is good to attract many voters, the more voters you attract with good reasons that analyze the likelihood the candidate is near death, the increased likelihood of winning soon, in the same way life insurance companies analyze life expectancy. Famous people will attract more voters, so when they pass on, Anarchy Forever will attract more publicity and those of you grand-fathered into the system will benefit with more voters, customers when you promote a URL, etc., along with being part of a group effort to bring down the government quicker, as anarchists love dead pools and some have had them before me and they are becoming more popular. Everything we are doing is 100% legal, and even though law enforcement has a reputation of harassing dead pool owners, they know I have a history of never backing down, and this will only draw more copy-cats if they draw more publicity to me. Please make sure your e-mail address you sign-up with is your PayPal e-mail address. If your Dead Pool victim dies in a certain month, and there are no other winners, you and your voters, if any, win everything, and your cash winnings will be transferred to you the 15th of the following month. It is important to follow and share the Dead Pool with as many social media acquaintances as possible to build your down-line. You can use scrapers (eg. WebHarvey) to extract data on multiple people and upload here on one post. If there is more than one profile for the same person who later dies, the profile uploaded after the original post means the subsequent uploaders and their voters will collectively be considered voters for the original profile post and all voters will equally share half the winnings. We are a secure server where a third party cannot intercept your transmissions, and if you fear being tracked by the diminishing-in-size authorities, it is recommended you use an e-mail address with no traceable contact information (PayPal only asks for the last four numbers of SSN, purchases can be made with their credit/debit card, aliases are legal) with IP address masking (eg. foreign anonymous servers/proxy servers) when you sign-up for an e-mail address and social media accounts, no photograph of yourself in the avatar. Because of the imminent collapse of government from the International tax exemptions we suggest, that can never be altered by any politician anywhere, and the tax audit lottery tickets we sell to non-tax-payers, there should be decreasing fear of retaliation from authorities when Dead Pool predictions are fulfilled. When you can confirm the death of any Dead Pool victim, go to the Obituary Forum, and list the person, and link to the Dead Pool page with an old timestamp for their upload, and produce other evidence they died such as a link to an obituary page looked up on Google, or other news pages, death certificate produced as an image/pdf/etc., and as you receive more votes to support your claim, the greater the number of voters, the higher percentage of the pool you get.

Remember, death insurance is life insurance, and life insurance is death insurance. We’re the good guys, because anarchy means we go back to work and become more responsible, make healthier decisions, and the fear of vigilante retaliation means the pariahs will be on better behavior, so your premiums are lower and our profit margins are higher when these people don’t die but repent instead. The life insurance people, they’re the bad guys. What kind of an a-hole takes out life insurance? It only means your wife will shoot you and do a cover-up, your daughter runs around in the nude trying to give you a heart-attack, and your family just eats your corpse…

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