Bench Warrant Conviction Relief

Bench warrants, where you can be arrested, extradited hundreds of miles, and even shot and killed like a man in southern California in 2014 by a cop who pulled him over because of expired tags, who said after being fired at and wrestling on the ground “I can’t breath”, and the cop said, “Who give’s a f*%k” and he slowly asphyxiated to death.

Bench warrants are a violation of “debtor’s prison” in the Constitution, but you have no hope of getting your argument heard by lower or higher courts as the judges are paid for by the best form of shake-down capital funded by one of the more common forms of false arrests, malicious prosecutions, and premeditated death sentences, as many testify they paid their bills, and in many cases did not have a moving violation or a fix-it ticket.

If you are lucky enough to be convicted because of a bench warrant violation, you can win the lottery here, and proactively and/or retroactively make it impossible to enforce these evil laws legislated by and enforced by the massive criminal state super-complex, where so many laws counter-dict each other, including almost nothing but violations of states rights or even federal government rights where “Everyday is opposite day” when it comes to the 10th amendment. 50% of the lottery pool will go to all of you as the percentage of the winners of the lotteries and 30% will go to the “claim’s adjusters”, which are all of you as lottery ticket-purchasers, as the more votes you get supporting your evidence for a conviction, the more you get as a percentage of the winners (50%), and 30% goes to the winners based on their number of votes.

Any attempt by PayPal to suspend this account, even though I am compliant with their Terms of Service, will lead to robot invasions with good reCaptcha filter breakers and time-delayed character-for-character form posting to emulate humans, and I and others will create multiple accounts to protect all those who invest in our lotteries as the balance from one cancelled account must be refunded, and then I will transfer to new account(s). PayPal will not and cannot afford to police their users accounts, and have never done so with any precision, and more policing leads to major loss of revenue though human labor and I spend no money on robot labor, users going to their competition, but I want PayPal to do well, and absence of rules with enforcement through encryption not trust, much better economy encouraging more responsible behavior because of no dependencies, and privatization, means all enlightened people can mutually benefit.

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