Speech Conviction Relief

As anarchists, we do not tolerate any laws that criminalize speech, other than something analogous to “fire, fire” in a theater, which almost never happens. Terrorist threat laws lead to an evil double-standard where many arrested are innocent, many guilty go Scot-free, prosecutors go off on a tangent by prosecuting people for making so-called victims “feel threatened” when they do benign things when the law says you cannot threaten with death or great bodily harm, which leads to nothing but gray areas. Celebrities and public officials have an unreasonable amount of protection, others have almost no protection.

There are many ways to threaten public officials and get away with it, like emails with IP address masking, foreign anonymous servers, and crypto-fied phone connections like Boost phones with private caller protection. We encourage you to contact public officials and say what you want, and if no one gets physically hurt and you are convicted of a terrorist threat, you will receive relief here. It is good to go to jail or receive probation as it bankrupts the system, you will get better medical care, and potentially become rich. You will also receive relief if you are convicted of inciting a riot in public view. Just buy lottery tickets here, and if you receive a conviction, you will probably get probation because the tax revolt will make the jails inoperable and you will be one of the lucky winners as at the end of that month, we will look at all the winners, tally up the number of winners, and 50% of all of revenue, divided by the number of winners, based on votes and ratings, will be the amount you win. 30% goes to you as premium-payer-lottery-ticket-purchasers who are also claims adjusters, voting for and getting rated for those who offer credibility on their conviction evidence. We do not have aiding and abetting laws against this behavior for civilians, they do apply to public officials, and if created, we go overseas.

If you donated here and are convicted of a terrorist threat, incite to riot, treason based only on speech, or sedition based only on speech, anywhere in the world because of a what is exclusively speech or free expression and a speech crime, contact us here with the PayPal e-mail address you registered with and you will be rewarded with a settlement by no later than the end on the ensuing month based on calculations for the month you submit your appeal for the award. Browse and upload documents that verify conviction with scan and upload of paperwork confirming conviction (eg. USSearch.com), we will confirm and we will get back to you shortly.

Mel and Oksana
Mel and Oksana stand-off. If you’re lucky enough to get a conviction for terrorist threats, the rich and famous get off easy, the 99% were always looking at serious jail time, now you’re looking at maybe probation or being a hero to the motley crews in prison who will threaten correctional officers out of these facilities, you follow close behind, and you all find salvation as you take up self-employment gigs or industrial democracy firms desperate for new workers.

Any attempt by PayPal to suspend this account, even though I am compliant with their Terms of Service, will lead to robot invasions with good reCaptcha filter breakers and time-delayed character-for-character form posting to emulate humans, and I and others will create multiple accounts to protect all those who invest in our lotteries as the balance from one cancelled account must be refunded, and then I will transfer to new account(s). PayPal will not and cannot afford to police their users accounts, and have never done so with any precision, and more policing leads to major loss of revenue though human labor and I spend no money on robot labor, users going to their competition, but I want PayPal to do well, and absence of rules with enforcement through encryption not trust, much better economy encouraging more responsible behavior because of no dependencies, and privatization, means all enlightened people can mutually benefit.

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