Drug Conviction Relief

When you have no government, able-bodied people will lose their government money, the number one source of the drug problem, and either collect charity, not enough money for a major drug habit in most cases, or get a job, are drug tested, and/or get rehab as the economy will over-heat and employers will have to offer rehab insurance like they did in the 1980’s. Rehab is the only thing that works in most cases with chronic addicts, as enforcement and prohibition only leads to a black market where the illegal drugs are cheaper and more accessible than ever before, then become much more expensive and there is violence. Right now there is an effort because of Medicare Part D in 2003 to force you to take psychotropic drugs, because there are no deductibles on these drugs, the teaser that leads you into a world that becomes far worse than a “Blue Velvet” movie, you may not know it now, but it is happening all around you, until you become the next victim. And many people are being kidnapped and forced to take these highly addictive drugs against their will because of illegal 5150’s, conservatorships, and propaganda, especially here in California for issues that have little to do with mental health. Most of these drugs are endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, causing temporary happiness and stimulation, than the brain lowers it’s own natural secretion of these chemicals (proven by MRI scans), causing severe relapses and withdrawals, until you are at the FDA maximum dosage, hooked, forced to spend more money on other drugs, and many accidentally overdose and die. Mental health is the biggest scam in the world, as it is the only profession in the private sector where the customer is not always right. Most diagnosis are invalid, and only intended for pharmacologists and therapists to make money, knowing like public sector employees, they have to be counter-productive at their jobs to generate their own job security, as these drugs don’t even work for people who have valid diagnosis, the FDA admits 83% of these drugs, according to trials, the placebo works better than the experimental version, there are now multi-billion dollar law suits for criminal false advertising by drug companies, no informed consent because of side-effects, and we have known since the 1950’s that most all these drugs are artificial hormones that enhance the female libido until they become nymphomaniacs, and kill the male libido until they become violent (placebo-libido killers), leading to more sado-masochism then ever before. They cause what the psychiatrists often admit is pseudo-Parkinson’s, but is actually real Parkinson’s, and the effects, like all other side-effects, are often permanent, irregardless of whether you take the medication or not, often doomed after the first intake. Drugs overdoses, all too common by accident because of too great a burden of responsibility to ingest multiple drugs they force on you daily, leads to more deaths, often mis-reported as suicide, than ever before. Many drugs not intended for mood disorders are psychotropic and potentially effect everybody, when you don’t know it. They create dependencies, often for people fighting insomnia, and in the long run cause more insomnia. People who foolishly pay taxes should know the FDA spends tens of billions of dollars a year for subsidized psychotropic drugs. Like P.T. Barnum said, “There is a sucker born every minute” and many people fall for the scam foolish enough to believe psychiatrists with M.D.’s, because of their education, know what they’re talking about, when it’s obviously about money, and they don’t want to surrender a career with 8 or more years of college for a career flipping burgers.

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If you are convicted of illegal substance possession or trafficking, for any banned substance, other than trafficking to minors under the age of 18, and you receive a conviction, you can become wealthy. We will end the evil double-standard of a system that over-enforces drug laws because of its cowardice and desire to allow serious violent and sexual crimes to proliferate themselves exponentially, in order to demand more tax money and cooperation from helpless sycophants who prostitute their minds and bodies to a beast that only wants to feed itself, by creating more victims to create more slaves indefinitely. If you are convicted for a drug possession/trafficking crime, except when trafficking to minors under 18 years of age, 50% of the lottery pool will go to all of you as the percentage of the winners of the lotteries and 30% will go to the “claim’s adjusters”, which are all of you as lottery ticket-purchasers, as the more votes you get supporting your evidence for a conviction, the more you get as a percentage of the winners (50%), and 30% goes to the winners based on their number of votes.

Any attempt by PayPal to suspend this account, even though I am compliant with their Terms of Service, will lead to robot invasions with good reCaptcha filter breakers and time-delayed character-for-character form posting to emulate humans, and I and others will create multiple accounts to protect all those who invest in our lotteries as the balance from one cancelled account must be refunded, and then I will transfer to new account(s). PayPal will not and cannot afford to police their users accounts, and have never done so with any precision, and more policing leads to major loss of revenue though human labor and I spend no money on robot labor, users going to their competition, but I want PayPal to do well, and absence of rules with enforcement through encryption not trust, much better economy encouraging more responsible behavior because of no dependencies, and privatization, means all enlightened people can mutually benefit.

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