Firearm Possession Conviction Relief

All studies show gun control leads to more guns and every crime statistic goes up. Gun crimes directly correspond to more access to guns, as we go from purchasing guns from a newspaper, to buying them on the Internet, to printing guns with 3-D printers. Historically, gun control only punishes law abiding citizens who give up their guns, and empower criminals who violate them knowing the lawful people are more likely to be helpless because of gun control. As with all prohibition, these guns become cheaper and more accessible in the black market. Only more guns, with concealed weapons or in plain view, will be a deterrent that leads to fewer attempted crimes and it is the only thing that will keep you alive because of the chaos that awaits us. There are many ways to get around bans based on type (gun industry manufactures new type) and even definition as you can buy sub-receiver separate from attachments, and attach anything you want when the Attorney General of your state announces the ban with a 90-day warning. In the riots of L.A. in 1992, lack of an open-carry law didn’t matter as store owners took guns to the streets and their stores. Eventually the world becomes Tombstone, Arizona, where anyone can carry a gun and there is virtually no crime.

There is an attempt right now to label everyone too mentally ill to own a gun for the most ridiculous of reasons. If you are convicted of a gun possession crime, because of mental illness, felonies, restraining orders, or concealed weapon or public display of a weapon, you can win relief here. If convicted of a firearm possession crime anywhere in the world, 50% of the lottery pool will go to all of you as the percentage of the winners of the lotteries and 30% will go to the “claim’s adjusters”, which are all of you as lottery ticket-purchasers, as the more votes you get supporting your evidence for a conviction, the more you get as a percentage of the winners (50%), and 30% goes to the winners based on their number of votes.

If you bought lottery tickets here and receive a gun possession conviction anywhere in the world, contact us here with the PayPal e-mail address you registered with and a scanned copy of proof of conviction (eg. and you will be rewarded with a settlement by no later than the end on the ensuing month based on calculations for the month you submit your appeal for the award. Browse and upload documents that verify conviction, we will confirm and get back to you shortly.

Any attempt by PayPal to suspend this account, even though I am compliant with their Terms of Service, will lead to robot invasions with good reCaptcha filter breakers and time-delayed character-for-character form posting to emulate humans, and I and others will create multiple accounts to protect all those who invest in our lotteries as the balance from one cancelled account must be refunded, and then I will transfer to new account(s). PayPal will not and cannot afford to police their users accounts, and have never done so with any precision, and more policing leads to major loss of revenue though human labor and I spend no money on robot labor, users going to their competition, but I want PayPal to do well, and absence of rules with enforcement through encryption not trust, much better economy encouraging more responsible behavior because of no dependencies, and privatization, means all enlightened people can mutually benefit.

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