Rating/scoring System

For all the lotteries (taxes, drugs, prostitution, firearms, speech, bench warrants) and the Dead Pool and the Anarchist Part sign-up, the 50% of each pool that goes to the winners of any month is shared based on a competitive rating and voting system. 50% goes to the winners, but 30% goes to the claims adjusters based on the total number of votes, regardless of the ratings they cast.

The way the average rating for a claim is adjusted based on the number of votes uses the law of exponential decay for rising vote-counts. Natural log e, which is the sum of 1 to infinity of 1/n! (n! = n-factorial, or 1 + 1*2 + 1*2*3 + …) which is the only power series where as n goes to infinity, when plotted as a y value on a Cartesian graph, does not cause the sum or y value to go to infinity, it tapers off at a horizontal line where y = 2.71… (an irrational number), which is important because if vote counts are too high, the adjusted rating averages will not have enough precision, or decimal places, to delineate the different scores and slow down database when decimal places are added, and there will be too-much “voter Darwinism”.

However, while ratings equal to or above average (2.5 stars, or 50%) should increase in value with more votes, more votes should penalize anything below 2.5. So for an above average rating, the new adjusted rating has the following formula:

Rating(new) = Rating(average) * [the sum of 1 to (number of votes) 1/(number of votes)!]/e,

For below average ratings, you do the reciprocal, or:

Rating(new) = Rating(average) * e/[the sum of 1 to (number of votes) 1/(number of votes)!],

At the end of every calendar month, the total treasury will divide the percentage that is the adjusted rating by 50% of the total amount,  and then, for lotteries/Dead Pool/Anarchist Party registration where different subscription amounts paid apply, there will be another correction for the amount paid – the more you pay over time, the more you earn.  The amount will be transferred to that winner’s PayPal account. The percentage a claims adjuster “vote caster” has relative to other adjusters, the ratings they cast not a factor, is 30% of the total they will be rewarded with. All earnings will be transferred by a mass spreadsheet PayPal payout by the 15th of the following months. The amounts must equal or exceed 33 cents, else discount/transaction fee makes it $0 or negative.

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