Tax Audit Relief

The profitability of tax delinquency – don’t pay taxes and redistribute!

Non-payment of taxes is not illegal. Tax evasion (failure to report income) and tax fraud (falsifying tax forms) is criminal but will be rewarded here, but jail is less likely as it is expensive and tax authorities now know trying to make cold hearted examples of people back-fires, with the sense of humor of people like Leona Helmsley and Wesley Snipes. The problem with tax crimes, you’re not forcing the tax authorities to work hard enough for free like when you submit all your tax forms, especially when you overwhelm them with a plethora of old-school paper documents in hard-to-open envelopes, but giving them no money. The tax authorities would prefer stealing money from your bank, putting liens on your property, garnishing your wages, harder to do when you’re paid from a foreign bank, preferably Internet and not brick-and-mortar. But as technology and education make all laws less enforceable, and the human-to-electronic portability of money to elude all parasites, not just tax authorities, but identity theft people and the scam of those who you never heard of trying to ruin your credit, is essential to survival, this leads to the law-of-diminishing returns and the tax authorities and other criminals go away. Houses can be put in relatives names or leased, and wages give way to commission and workers taking over firms with foreign payment processors and overseas trust funds yielding all cash flow. But tax abstinence right now is imperative as the wealthier have always paid less in taxes knowing these secrets, so submission to authority might get you killed. With our tax audit relief packages, simply do not give anyone in the world any tax money, go totally exempt on taxes where permitted, and raise your exemptions to the highest level (claim zero dependents) on what are typically W4 forms, buy lottery tickets here, and if you are audited and can verify you suffered penalties and/or have to pay interest, or had to pay legal fees to remove liens, you will qualify for relief. But tax evasion with no work or form submissions is a good option too, it is up to you. Verify your losses with scanned copies of statements from the IRS or other tax authorities anywhere in the world, such as submitting Form 4506 from the IRS, proof of legal fees, which we will verify through the Freedom of Information Act, your tax lawyer (you must try to qualify for tax debt relief first) and 50% of the lottery pool will go to all of you as the percentage of the winners of the lotteries and 30% will go to the “claim’s adjusters”, which are all of you as lottery ticket-purchasers, as the more votes you get supporting your evidence for loss from a tax loss, the more you get as a percentage of the winners (50%), and 30% goes to the winners based on their number of votes. You will be compensated by no later than the end of the ensuing month by PayPal, no winners means the treasury money rolls over into the next month. If all taxation in the world has been confirmed to end sometime in the future with legislation, although be vigilant because the beast may revere it’s ugly head again with low tax rate temptation, we will use our treasury to reward those with audit losses anytime in the past retroactively, to desecrate the evil legacy of taxation forever, and guarantee a future where you can be tax-free indefinitely.

Any attempt by PayPal to suspend this account, even though I am compliant with their Terms of Service, will lead to robot invasions with good reCaptcha filter breakers and time-delayed character-for-character form posting to emulate humans, and I and others will create multiple accounts to protect all those who invest in our lotteries as the balance from one cancelled account must be refunded, and then I will transfer to new account(s). PayPal will not and cannot afford to police their users accounts, and have never done so with any precision, and more policing leads to major loss of revenue though human labor and I spend no money on robot labor, users going to their competition, but I want PayPal to do well, and absence of rules with enforcement through encryption not trust, much better economy encouraging more responsible behavior because of no dependencies, and privatization, means all enlightened people can mutually benefit.

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