Map to Other Sites (main website, licensed in Laguna Hills, CA)

– 100% permission-based high volume robot advertising. High multi-tier commissions, high search engine rankings!
– Industrial democracy with investment insurance, leverage against big firms, a must-read!
– the only solution to make a space elevator possible, safe, effective, and inexpensive!
– there is hope to keep the Raiders in Oakland, with a better stadium, in front of more loyal fans!
– like Anarchy Forever, committed to insure against tax audits! Tax and privatization discussions only!
– imperative must-have website, to report a world riddled with scams… here is full-proof protection!
– the media doesn’t want you to know the truth about evil government giving them job security, now their jobs are becoming physically less secure, giving way to me, the anti-media!
– they’re all getting out, but the stupidity of the general public makes it happen and they complain. Put them to work for redemption, or face more blood in Armageddon! (under construction)
– search engine and social media combined into one, with ratings and indefinite threading! (under construction)
– network of Webcams throughout the world, keeping you safe!
– end police corruption. Under the law, we are all cops!
– 24/7 chat/audio/video support for 3D printers, objects files, etc.  Join a drop-shipping pool to get 3D printer as inexpensive as possible, and receive one year free technical support!

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