Listen to “No Terror, Good, But no News is Bad…” on Spreaker.

De-fund the beast! Survive Armageddon and live forever in paradise on earth and elsewhere! The anti-media is here, escape the hate-mongers of the alternative media and the vultures of the main-stream media. Anger and bad news are the most unhealthy of addictions, and peace and love the healthiest. I am the opium of the masses, a benevolent dictator, and critical thinking got me there, and it can happen for all of you! There are no problems, only solutions. Why the stateless society is inevitable and what you need to know on minimizing your tax liability to 0.00%, or better yet embrace getting busted by tax auditors, who don’t want you to know you can save money with tax debt write-offs, or better yet win the lottery. Anarchy talk, beautiful music, no annoying commercials, seize the day!

WARNING: I am not just a shock jock, but a schlacht jock, so feeble ears may have to search for some good sound recognition word blocking software. Retroactively editing my shows for mass-media exposure with “bleep”, … “bleep, bleep, bleep, …” may be futile as I would never donate money to the FCC, so it’s a ratings war between you and I. Also, until I find a way to hijack terrestrial/cable radio and TV with many pirate mixers, Internet radio, like my favorite shows at Clear Channel or InfoWars.com, are never reliable, especially if we pull off the “Dark Angel” attack worldwide, so I highly recommend downloading my shows at Anarchy Talk With Jimbozo as bottle-necks can wreak havoc with most daily broadcasts here and elsewhere.

Crazy Ed Edelman #2

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