Don’t Pay the Bills

You can be self-sufficient without external utility services, and the government and courts will shut-down with the failure of lawyers to operate in court or perform arbitration in law firms, combining the tax revolt with permanent good world economy, vigilantism, technology to be proactive and reactive to legal offenses, and diminishing need for courts or arbitration for that reason as privatization for them will go away when you combine a revolt against legal resources when more prosperous people make better decisions to avoid scams, scammers fearing vigilante retaliation and/or starved out of existence, guns potentially entering courtrooms and law firms, and what money comes from private legal sources never high enough to afford x-ray detection equipment for filtering out plastic guns. Guns and overseas trust funds protect property and money stolen by lawyers and government, entrusted to relatives or oneself maturing after official end of taxation, or withdrawn electronically and delinquencies never causing fear of tax audit monetary losses because of tax audit charities, lotteries, and insurance.

For electricity, solar and wind should never be supplementary but complimentary to gas/propane generators, or some access to infrastructure electricity, which comes mostly from burning coal, and coal is cheap, and the world is getting colder, not warmer. Solar and wind can gradually become cheaper and better but will probably never compete with coal and fossil fuels for cost per unit Watt, until synthetic petroleum (some diesel and bio-diesel, hydrogen, and possible but very low-production-to-energy conversion rate gasohol, high in pollution, are alternatives) will one day be perfected. Petroleum is abiotic and comes from wells as deep as 6 miles, cannot possibly come from dinosaurs exclusively, and probably is the result of methane and ethane reassembling itself into a more complicated organic molecule, until we fabricate and mass produce it cheaper in the future for multiple application like we use now.

Natural gas, like infrastructure electricity, will continue to compete with propane, home heating oil, all internal and not external. Water can be delivered to an outdoor or indoor tank, and well-drilling technology is now more high tech, affordable, and commendable with the constant threat of droughts. Septic tanks are still an option for alternatives to network-sewage, and central air with freon combined with many alternatives for heat in winter, and will become more suitable and affordable with the collapse of government and more jobs and potential higher income for all. These options are also possible for apartment and condominium dwellers, the right and power of the individual to paint, landscape, and water his/her own unit, should be taken very seriously after a rent and mortgage revolt, as well as a revolt against evil home owner association dues as HMO’s are known to disallow window air conditioning units for gravely ill people, and police residents and guests for menial self-rule making against drinking near pools, pet ownership and walking, maintenance, etc., and people fed up with the harassment, while on better behavior because we will all have to be more productive, will lead to equilibrium and anarchy with peace.

Land phone services should be discontinued by residences as they are expensive with bad service, and the phones themselves inferior in quality when compared to cell phones and smart phones. The government requires registration of all numbers to find you and persecute you, and give out your number to scammers, the collection agents who prey on you because of the legalized black-mail that is credit and finance, regardless of whether or not you are unregistered or cleared, with little to no hope of legal recourse when they violate the so-called “law”. Cell and smart phone numbers are in such high volume and change often enough that the government and their spammer/scammers are less likely to antagonize you. Skype and it’s competition provide the possibility of infinitely many phone connections because of alpha-numerics in place of a limited number of digits. There is and will continue to be better privacy protection against scammers with software butlers not privy to passwords or knowledge of how to penetrate filters with permission-based private calls. Land line butlers are not effective, as the database they query and sources they block will never be accurate enough, telemarketing parasites still try to overcome them with their own technology, and you might accidentally block an important phone call, so it’s best to get rid of your land line phone.

Internet access is best achieved through high-speed cable combined with greater use of wireless routers, laptops with wireless cards, smart phones that will soon have more memory to downloads for larger software packages, and not just widgets, more subscriber units, etc. But independence from cable TV and Internet only occurs with competition from satellite as bandwidth only increase when more satellites are launched, also useful for satellite phone service, especially in remote and rural areas. SpaceX and other burgeoning private space programs, free from the counter-productive albatross that was NASA, will be employed in greater numbers at warp speed, to provide freedom for TV, Internet, phone, and radio users, who will have less expense and infiltration from the FCC that censors your content for the most juvenile of reasons, and forces you to watch and listen to foreign language programming, all to appease nanny-Nazis and future non-native-speaking voters.

So in conclusion, not paying your bills is good, knowing to win back at least part of your business will require lower fines/late fees, cheaper, better, friendlier service, no ability to litigate and legislate against competition. Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” will lead to “Death of the Lawyers” who never believed in or feared God until now, until the meta-physical evidence and fear of the mob who may subject them to a fate in this life worse than Hell.

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