9-11 Conspiracy Theories

twin towers 9-11
Twin towers 9-11

There are several reasons I believe 9-11 was an inside job, the U.S. government not only allowed 9-11 to happen, they wanted it to happen and too many lies, distortions, and inconsistencies lead me to believe this. I had never heard of Al-Qaeda before 9-11, and American troops were already out of Saudi Arabia by September 11, 2001, supposedly the reason for Osama Bin Laden to attack the U.S. George W. Bush received many threats, including faxes of planes going into buildings, but he and Dick Cheney were too fixated on going to war in Iraq and later used the war on terror as an excuse to justify the Iraq War. Bush did not look all that surprised when informed of the terrorist attacks in New York when in that classroom with children, and did not leave right away, and later when asked for his slow reaction, the verbal response was slow and he was a little to nervous to justify not “scaring the kids”. The borders were insecure and became more insecure after 9-11. I refuse to believe box cutters alone can kill pilots and elude other staff and bring down buildings and planes, and they should have been intercepted at airport security with what was x-ray machines with a motive even then to profile 19 Muslim-looking men. Flight 94 was clearly shot down with a missile over that field in western Pennsylvania, as the wings were a quarter of a mile away from the body of the plane. There was U.N. anti-terrorist training three weeks prior to 9-11, and it came to a stop right before 9-11. NORAD, the north American air surveillance system, was down just prior to 9-11 for the first time since 1957 according to an InfoWars.com insider who confirmed his credentials as a NORAD worker. When the subway was bombed in London sometime later, Scotland Yard and the Secret Service were seen there right before the bombing.

In New York 2 planes somehow brought down 3 buildings, with the third, building 7, brought down from the bottom down first rather then the top down with witnesses hearing explosions. The government quickly removed the building fragments in two weeks with no analysis for recycling in China without an investigation, photographs clearly show evidence by unbiased third parties of metal melting from the lowest floor. All the buildings fell at the rate of acceleration equal to the gravitational constant g (9.8 meters/seconds squared), when they should fall at a slower speed because there should be a delay, a cascading domino effect, when the higher floors hit the floors below them. Office fires have happened many times before in high raisers and have never been known to bring down buildings. Fuel fire does burn at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and can melt steel, but it only applied to a small horizontal cross-section of the buildings and should not bring them down. There is evidence that many people, not just so-called “Al Qaeda” members, people with non-Muslim names, sold their stock right before 9-11, and re-invested soon after. The Rothchilds removed their ship from the port next to the World Trade Center a day before 9-11, breaking a 30-year lease (the same people, mostly English and American, who did business with Germany and funded Hitler during World War II, frightened of a pro-worker anti-tycoon-tyrant “gobble-up” by the Soviet Union of the world. But they never went to prison like Emma Goldman and Elijah Muhammad for treason, as countries suspend the constitution and violate the Alien and Sedition act in times of war. Hence was the fate of Adam Pearlman in this, the greatest scam of an inside-job of a war in history, leaving millions dead, potentially billions because of civil wars as a reaction, aided by more foreign aid from an exacerbated World War and Biblical and non-Biblical prophesy fulfilling itself.

It was the Pentagon where most of the suspicious activity occurred. I was a pilot back in 1986, the year GPS came out which offers resolution with automatic pilot of 3 feet anywhere in the world. It is very difficult to fly a large plane into a 3-story building, especially because of the terrain near the Pentagon, unless the terrorists had GPS autopilot training, but the government insisted they were amateur pilots who only knew how to take off and fly, not land or learn GPS autopilot. I talked to a man in 2005 who I will not name as there may be retaliation against him, who was in the Pentagon when it was hit. He said the soldiers and seamen were acting really tense, and when the building was hit, even though there were casualties at the stricken end of the building, there were very few people there compared to elsewhere, and a general was immediately arrested for taking pictures of the damage by MP’s. The video cameras were immediately commandeered from both the Pentagon and the hotel across the street, and were not released until 6 years later, giving the government plenty of time to doctor the video. The government released videos that show two different explosions, not one, too fast (pending more analysis) to distinguish a plane from a missile.

George W. Bush immediately evacuated the Bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia the next day, some allegations say before 9-11. The seven Navy Seals who allegedly killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, but the U.S. government refused to reveal photographs of body, and other evidence, were killed shortly later by what the U.S government called “rogue Afghan anti-aircraft fire”. Do you believe in coincidences? Obviously they knew too much, so do I, and now you all, reading and denying and hiding makes you ridiculed and violated in the worst way, if you are accepting of such a pathetic of all legacies.

Beware of the industrial-military complex, like Dwight D. Eisenhower said, tied into the domestic law enforcement-complex, that benefits from playing into your vindictiveness against an alleged sole extraneous element, that they bring here to benefit from because of cheap labor, social engineering experiments, and most importantly crime, to fool you into supporting those who are the real local and more deadly criminals who are disappearing daily by my tax revolt, not just the evil sociopaths you once supported, but yourself, your own worst enemy, if you are foolish enough to bow-down, and remain silent knowing the anarchy I exacerbate can be chaotic and deadly for you with proactive vigilance. Even Emma Goldman during World War I knew war is mostly about money. Pearl Harbor was probably a conspiracy as the bugler didn’t sound and the radar was down the morning of December 7, 1941, and government has many motivations for why they allow or perpetuate tragedy to justify their own existence. Like Alex Jones said, government wants to grow to keep you dependent.

The sucker born every minute is the sucker dying every minute. Fight me, you fail to embrace a peaceful and legal and low-casualty uprising for justice. The unbelievers are dead, captive, and exiled… you’ve been warned.


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