Avenge the Anti-Robin Hoods

What is property? Property is theft.

Those are the words of Pierre Joseph Proudhon from a famous essay he wrote in France in 1840.  Proudhon was a politician, a Federalist,  but called himself a libertarian socialist and the first person in history known to call himself an anarchist, calling anarchy “order without power”. Karl Marx quoted the essay many times, saying property is “only as good as the goods and services it produces” as what I believe is contempt by many for those who collect rent and do little work, and banks that offer mortgages that commit legal black-mail with the manipulation of credit scores.

In an article by Peter T. Leeson called “Anarchy Unbound, or: Why Self-governance Works Better Than You Think” (cato-unbound.org), Leeson argues “no sane person believes anarchy leads to order”, and quotes Adam Smith and Thomas Hobbes as libertarian thinkers who believe you need government to protect property. But government wants to grow to keep you dependent, so not even small government can be tolerated, or we will never have peace. And he may be void of understanding the harmony between anarcho-capitalists and socialists-turned-privatization people, who may respect what I call a “don’t pay the tax, rent, mortgage, and redistribution process”, with the purchase or rent of property done with competitive privatized banking and property management, occasionally protected by private courts or arbitration with more competition.  But as the law gives way to philosophy, an interpretation of Marx who became a lawyer but reluctantly at his father’s insistence, laws become unenforceable because of Bakunin’s philosophy, “internationalism guarantees the collapse of government”, which now means property in the hands of overseas trusts, friends or relatives, but rental facilities have leverage by denying access to utilities, in some cases.

Ultimately, guns protect property from intruders, whether motivated by heinous intentions, or foreclosure and eviction people, and is the only thing that will end the evil double standard by government to create dependencies by putting you in harms way, and prosecuting you just for defending yourself. Guns that can enter courtrooms and law offices, like plastic guns that can always elude cheaper x-ray equipment, not likely to be able to afford more advanced equipment that can detect organics because of much lower demand for legal services in a world where violations of the “law” become far less frequent when the deterrent of potential vigilante retaliation, a permanent good world economy, and technology to help us be proactive and reactive to what will be historic violations of rights. Better health, and the re-establishment of scruples, morals, ethics, and values, based on confirmation of religious beliefs through evidence, and the law will die, as Marxists like me believe it is about the most evil form of exploitation in human history.

I, James Dante Wood, am calling for all earthlings to stop paying taxes, rent, mortgages, and buy guns if you don’t have them, until sanity is restored indefinitely, and fear not those who want to evict you, as they will fear us far more. The best defense is a good defense, and let those who have abused power embrace the power of the individual rather than that of the sadist and the parasite, to avoid a fate far worse than the guillotines used in France in the 1790’s. Then mutual symbiosis will set in, where we all become clown fish and sea anemones, and will prevail for a thousand years…


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