I am a Minuteman. I was the most instrumental and effective of all the twenty-first century Minutemen in dealing with the U.S. illegal immigration issue, understandably the most divisive of all issues, as it is all about the most common opponent of Marxists like me – exploitation. Like the 18th century Minutemen who commenced the American Revolution all because of a 3% consumption tax on tea and molasses, who like the many men who fought for George Washington, we didn’t believe in “no taxation without representation”, we believed in “no taxation, period, or we shoot you!”. We have seen how our ancestors in Great Britain taxed things like Scarborough Fair out of existence, taxation is theft and about the only reason our ancestors in Europe became wealthy and members of royalty. It lead to Robin Hood, William Wallace, and others who revolted. The militia people started the first of three Republican parties, as we liked the idea of the first representative democracy since Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 B.C. And we didn’t trust George Washington, as he became a Federalist and raised whisky taxes in 1791, leading to the Whisky Revolt in 1793, put down by Washington, and as militia people, we weren’t much of a factor until 200 years later when Clinton put U.N. troops on U.S. soil.

Curious that Jim Gilchrist, one of the co-founders of the Minutemen, called us Minutemen as we are a militia that did many benign and controversial things to be part of a dynamic that substantially reduced the number of illegal aliens in this country. My hatred for the illegal immigration problem was not for the illegal aliens, except those who commit victim-based crimes, but hatred for George W. Bush and those who exploit illegal immigration for votes, cheap labor, dependencies on a criminal justice system and social services, illegal drugs and a drug cartel that will get higher profit margins to lobby the politicians, illegal alien purchasing power, a media who loves the high crime rate, so their sponsors, who are mostly food processing companies and fast food restaurants, can exploit the cheap, criminally-inclined illegal labor who commit more crimes, so the beast can feed itself, but most importantly, a bunch of cowardly, brown-nosing sycophantic, masochistic, bikini-wearing white girly-men who don’t like being called racists, when the illegals and their supporters are far more racist then we are. We’re all racists, we’re all men of sin, and we’re all in a militia. Racism is a good thing as long as it doesn’t create a victim, as there is a competition in all walks of life, and like Adam Smith said, “competition guarantees prosperity”, and lack-thereof leads to reverse social Darwinism, where we devolve into monkeys. The race baiters are like the boy crying wolf, who lost credibility after crying wolf two times, these people have probably played it a quintillion times since 1945, but all they do is serve my every whim, as they fall for the trap, they are just fuel for my fire. The biggest ingrates in the world are not the mental-midgets who play the race card, who mistakenly think they are cute trying to terrorize you and control the political landscape with the race card, but the people who are offended by the race card, and give it more power. Do you hear the sound of laughter? The race baiters are laughing at you. How do you live with yourself? Just utter a Andrew Dice Clay-style racist slur and they go away.

Once a Minuteman, always a Minuteman. And it is true the Obama Administration and their lawyers are trying to block IP addresses of websites they disfavor, and they always lose. In the old days most all people had static IP addresses, now mostly dynamic, and now you can have your own domain registrar and Web host with dynamic IP address allocation, changing IP addresses every few nano-seconds, causing the lawyers to return to court every few nano-seconds, a physical impossibility. Call us Nano-secondmen, ready in a nano-second’s notice. They know they can no longer burn all the book’s, as proposed in Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”, and I don’t believe in books, because my last name is Wood and you have to kill trees to make books. Maybe you can burn all the books, but you can’t burn all the electrons on the Internet.

When I had my conversion from small-government libertarian to anarchist in the Fall of 2013, as limited government is not possible and you’re only fooling yourself if you think otherwise, I realized that immigration is more positive than negative, as illegal aliens cause this country to lose 1 trillion a dollars a year in tax money, and that is a good thing, because it bankrupts the system! I am now alright with cheap labor, I just don’t like the crime. The way anarchy works is that about 70% of the U.S. population want enforcement of immigration laws, 20% don’t, and 10% are in limbo, so it leads to an interesting competition with the funding of organizations like mine that send militias to the border and finance fencing, privatize ICE to deport what will probably only be violent felons and other people private federal judges consider to be a threat, the rest get to stay. Comprehensive immigration reform has nothing to do with a humanitarian issue or legitimizing the ones who are here, it is blanket amnesty and meant to incentivize more to cross the border so the beast can feed-itself. If you are in the country and are undocumented, the Democrats and Republicans are not your friend, only God and I and people who think like me are, just don’t pay taxes, start your own tax audit lottery, consume more services, and let’s raise 7 years of Hell on earth to plunder and annihilate the beast. As President I will give you permits to go to and from your country of origin as you please, a pathway to citizenship if you have a job and no criminal record, but only in numbers commensurate with evidence in a drop in the number of undocumented people so as to not commit crimes against you and competition for resources. As we bring down government all over the planet, the standard of living will increase everywhere, as this is a heterogeneous world which becomes more homogenous, and a major drop in immigration, where there will be more national sovereignty everywhere, bringing the troops home, and more people can come and go as they please at a rapid pace with chip implants and facial recognition software identifying a certain criminal element that private authorities can track and deport as necessary. We need more tourism, I am all right with violations of national sovereignty as long as it does not create victims, but we need privatization of immigration enforcement, which means more ports of entry and bridges with tolls. This will pay for deportation of violent felons by possees and a private ICE, and can pay for a lessening need for border enforcement where there will be less but still some heinous crimes committed by those who cross not compliant with a more victim-less crossings at ports of entry. Too much immigration means many return because of competitions for jobs and resources, so freedom of the basic human ecologic condition works with technology used for the common good, and a much better world ahead, so join me in creating the inevitable, a solution where we can all win, and those in opposition serve our every whim as they self-destruct and only the good who are the strong will persevere and the evil who are the weak disappear, and we welcome heaven on earth…

Once a Minuteman, always a Minuteman, in this life and the next one.

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Jim Wood and Molly
Jim Wood with companion Molly (Akita/Husky mix) in Campo, CA, for film shoot with the Wall Street Journal, 2009, covering the Border Fence Project, and other Minutemen activity.

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