Chip Implants

In 1987, Daniel Man, a French cosmetic surgeon from Boca Raton, Florida, invented the Implantable Homing Device, a surgically implanted microprocessor, with bio-transducers that measure vital signs. This technology, now perfected, can find missing people, read vital signs and extend life spans, and allow the public to acknowledge the location of sex offenders and parolees. Man resided in the same city where Adam Walsh died in 1981, and his invention was largely a response to that kidnap-murder. I was a Silicon Valley technician living in the San Francisco Bay area when Polly Klaas (pronounced “class”) was kidnapped and murdered in the Fall of 1993, leading to the largest man hunt in world history. The news revealed troubling facts and inconsistencies in public sector law enforcement’s statements and responsibilities and reports about why and how I prove here, and at blogs at, and there will be mass-robot article scrape -and-spin in-high-volume (25,000 records per website per day, top crime events pointing here and there) to draw attention to how authorities intentionally aid and abet child murderers, as stranger abduction is the #1 cause of death of a child, but fear no public reaction against them until I continue to force them to incriminate themselves, and they bitterly disappoint me when they don’t try to intimidate me – I am waiting for them. This was the first news event that made me a community activist, as I knew the government did about a dozen things wrong that allowed Polly to die, and coming from a law enforcement family, I knew that cops, prosecutors, parole officers, and politicians were licking their chops when she died, all culpable for her death, knowing the weak-minded people of the world would fund the same system that got her killed, not acknowledging the public sector would continue to be counter-productive to generate their own job security, thinking that they can coerce you to pay taxes, until I dispelled the myth here. Like Hitler said, “Thank God the people don’t think”, and many don’t, and I challenge you, as our perseverance depends on it.

Petaluma, CA, where Polly was from, was riddled with crime before she was abducted, with a park across the street from her house with a litany of drug and violent crimes that the Petaluma police department and Sonoma County DA did nothing about after numerous complaints, and is still the hot bed of a lot of crime many years later. When Polly was abducted (8 PM, October 1, 1993), the investigating detective with the Petaluma police department told TV reporters “We thought it was a child custody dispute, and it would clear up the next day”, even though it was clearly a stranger abduction with a break-in and two girls tied up at knife point, pillow cases placed over their heads, both parents accounted for within two hours, a description of Richard Allen Davis and his car, the abductor/murderer, but no attempt by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department to put out an APB, the unnamed and therefore over-protected dispatcher saying “we did not want civilians and the media with scanners to hear the APB” (see, Davis did not act alone). But the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department, like the Orange County Sheriff’s Department I was related to and talking to at the time, and most California police agencies, had cell phones to potentially target all deputies with a single phone blast, or, and this maybe really evil, the ability to contact two sheriff deputies (unnamed and therefore over-protected) who did intercept Davis at 10 PM (the same exact time both parents, who were accounted for, dispersed from Polly’s house, coincidence?) in the Kenwood/Santa Rosa area 25 miles to the north, he was drinking alcohol and his car was at the bottom of a ravine after neighbor complained of seeing a “wild man” in her back yard. The two deputies, according to the Tri Valley Herald (I was living in Pleasanton, CA, at the time, their local newspaper. The small newspapers, like the one I worked for 2002-2004 in the San Bernardino Mountains, have little to no bias because of fewer big sponsors who benefit from keeping workers poor, consumers poor, investors poor, where big media and big sponsors benefit from big government and crime designed to prey on people’s ghoulish fascination of heinous crimes happening to innocent people, then you feed the beast because “only the little people pay taxes”) said he had a wine bottle he was drinking from, they told him to put down the bottle, but no actions were taken for obvious 502 drunk driving probable cause, like touching your nose, walking in a straight line, no breathalyzer test, etc. The two friends of Polly said he was badly inebriated two hours earlier. The Tri Valley Herald said they did no warrant check, a contradiction to the New York Times report, warrant check and a breathalyzer test, expected common practice, they helped him get his car out of the ravine and released him. The deputies changed their story and later said they did do a warrant check. Polly’s badly decomposed body (after misleading reports from Sheriff and DA, including a report that the body was only partly decomposed, and those same cops tried to claim (call it extortion, but the blind submissive sheep allow public sector law enforcement to be held to a much lower standard)  to the $200,000 reward money from the actress Winona Ryder, when she made it clear that it would only go to those who would be responsible for finding Polly alive. The reward money was originally secured by the city of Petaluma, leading to Gary Kinsley instantly moving in 8 days later “for the kill” for founding a fraud of an organization, the Polly Klaas Foundation, that collected millions of dollars over the years to create new laws and benefit from more crime because of more evil double standards they created, seducing the suckers who think the public sector criminal justice system works, believing they can punish me for my far more effective, over their little-heads, high-tech and old school proactive solutions.  But they messed with the wrong guy.

Madder than Hell and not going to take it any more!!!

Give the negative IQ socialist-sociopathic-socialites and Nazi cops in California a taste of their own medicine, as death, better yet imprisonment in California where you get better medical treatment than with the incompetent losers in public hospitals, a PhD. in the field of your choice, which you won’t get as easily outside of prison, is better than not responding and not guaranteeing my quest to go viral. Thank God for the ACLU and the their persistent donors, even when I can’t donate when “they kick you more when you’re down” – the Ford Foundation. Fords are good, affordable cars. I drive almost nothing but. And they did not take bail-out money after the evil sub-prime loan scams were revealed, causing banks to get even wealthier after nothing but criminal conduct, forcing their workers to steal others’ identities, very few were prosecuted as the DA has their campaigns are paid by wealthy evil doers, giving way to Bitcoin, digital anarchy, decentralize the banks, now everything, where you pay no taxes, like the wealthy, with overseas tax shelters, and other crypto-currency much-needed competitors. I will make them better with my simulations for SPC and independent AI. Henry Ford made only one semi-mistake when he said, “History is bunk”, a criteria for those who worship him in Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” (Winona’s middle name is Laura, the wife of Aldous, her father is a big fan of Aldous, and I’ve been her biggest fan since 1989, I had no idea she was from Petaluma until Polly was found December, 1993, where Polly and my second great obsession started right after Polly was reported missing. Only a fool believes in coincidences.). A contrary wise man once said “There is no such thing as a present or a future. Only a past that occurs again, and again, and again”. I am an anachronism of the ancient past, and a spector of the distant future. Prove me wrong, you prove me right.

Radio listeners pass laws for free and even work out of pocket on propositions, but now on dead pools pause of my news blasts, independent of paranoid benefit-from-bad-news press release firms with two attempts to extort her money, in the end the city of Petaluma insisted it go to the cops) was later found under plywood on a trash heap in early December of 1993 near Cloverdale, north of Santa Rosa, after Davis was reported removing a flyer (the biggest manhunt in world history, 54 million flyers) of Polly and his composite sketch north of Cloverdale in Ukiah and confessed to her location. She had been strangled and probably sexually violated because her legs were found spread far apart. Kidnappers usually kill their victims where they find the body, so she was probably alive in Santa Rosa because of the failure of the Sheriff’s department, and Cloverdale is north of Santa Rosa/Kenwood, which is north of Petaluma. The parole officer for Richard Allen Davis was supposed to check on him every week, and he was not to leave San Mateo County, but he failed to do so for three weeks, and Davis was in violation of parole by being out of the county in Petaluma the whole time. When Davis was caught, the Sonoma County Sheriff, FBI, and other authorities, did everything possible to keep his name a secret, something that never happens, especially in a high profile case like this. In December, 1993, shortly after she was found, a reporter asked a cop, “Who is Richard Allen Davis?”, the cop had a pecking “cockatoo-face”, looked to his superiors for approval, and said, “That is the man we have in custody”.

Something much worse than you think happened. Whitewater happened that year, with James McDougal dying in a jail cell a day before he was to testify, Vince Foster apparently had his murder faked as a suicide, like several dozen people who worked for the Arkansas Democratic Party that the cops said committed suicide, one women, her hand practically cut-off. Karen Silkwood from 1974 was a famous example of cops who almost always get away with murder. This, I know, happens a lot more often than you think, watching “Unsolved Mysteries” with Robert Stack, horrific crimes that the 5 PM news does not dare report, as cops who kill people and call it a suicide think we’re afraid of them, but I’m not, as my war against the cops, many killed in recent years, none are innocent, is something I want weak-minded people to demonize me over, and expressing your condolences for family members, like I did to Marc Klaas, who cow-towed to Clinton and the system that killed his daughter, empowered them, creating more victims, more over-feminized boot-lickers multiplying from devolution then ever before, leads to “no good deed goes unpunished”… until my big-media-unreported-declaration-of-war in 2013, which really started with my Internet development of TurboTax and SnapTax in 2005. Now cops and Klaas need to be advised, “a punishment is a reward”, and “dirty deeds can be done dirt cheap”.

The case was remanded to Santa Clara County for a less prejudice jury with a conviction of first-degree murder with the sentence of death, based mostly on evidence of premeditation because of stalking, in 1995. The reaction lead to a crime bill that spent a massive amount of money on prisons nationwide, more cops, three-strikes-your-out in almost every state, and government propaganda in 2011 about a 60-year low in the crime rate, watch dog statistics show a higher crime rate than ever before. Cops are as worthless as flatulence in a whirl-wind, and prosecutors are even worse, as they over enforce little things, and under enforce big things, because of how prosecutors are re-elected based on the number of convictions and prefer prosecuting victim-less crimes, which are about 90% of the cases in criminal court, and usually mean plea bargains or three-day trials, but more serious crimes are 9-15 month trials as you cannot prejudice a jury, so many hard core criminals are released by authorities. John Gardner, responsible for the deaths of Amber Dubois and Chelsea King, is an example of so many cases where a DA and parole officers committed too many mistakes without retribution and testament to the fact, like tens of thousands of crimes committed every day in this country, all because of neglect, that the system doesn’t work and only makes things worse. In the U.S., if you commit a violent crime, you have a 99% chance of getting away with it, as we have the second worst criminal justice system in the industrialized world, second only to Italy, and therefore a high crime rate. While privatization will solve a lot of problems, where you chain the lawyers to the bottom of the ocean, both figuratively and literally, a good start, and replace with a grand jury not only for indictment but trial, for both litigation and criminal law, the truth is civilian vigilance is the only solution, as the private sector has all the answers for being both proactive and reactive against crime, and more arbitration, if not exclusively. More guns ultimately means less crime, as they are a deterrent to the small percentage of people who are less likely to attempt to commit a crime, secured windows, doors, cameras, physical barriers, alarms (not the kind that make noise and annoy everybody and are 99% false alarms, but vibrators next to your body for both houses and cars and other possessions, with sensors that detect actual physical damage, no more sensitive vibration sensors) and chip implants are the answer. They were not possible in 1993 when I expressed my condolences to Marc Klaas, the father of Polly, we had the implants but not the infrastructure, as the signal from the implants could only be detected up to 1,000 feet away, and cell phone repeaters back then were 6 miles apart. You need three repeaters within one thousand feet to do triangulation and determine location and vital signs of people and animals, and now we have that with smart phones sure to be within one thousand feet in groups of three of all people and animals with implants, not only in the city and suburbs, but much of the rural areas. Once more, reducing the size of the IC receiver device means better Fourier analysis of wave forms with poorer signal-to-noise ratios, so much greater ranges can be achieved as we are still far from the theoretic limit of the size of IC devices. Before and after Polly, Man and I were working on how to perfect the Implantable Homing Device. I made contributions as a freelance inventor with CAD schematics and documentation that lead to the automatic location system, and the magnetically-aligned ballast antenna system, although MABAS was in vain as the joint venture capitalists did not like the idea, but now because of the plethora of smart phones and Wi-Fi systems, the technology is now very much possible. All we need is a widget for all Apple, Microsoft, and Chrome operating systems, and you will know with an alarm if you are a certain distance away from a parolee or sex offender, as in-house arrest will be more fashionable because of the expense of incarceration, and we all become parole officers as the public sector version leads to incompetence, because of no work incentive and the shear arrogance of how government works. You will know your vital signs all the time and the vital signs and location of loved ones, saving a lot of money because of medical care costs for those who have to be hospitalized for just vital sign determination. This will save billions of dollars, save countless lives, and it is not Big Brother, because it is done with consent, and monitored by the private sector, which competes for your privacy, or they go out of business. We’re going to get rid of the government anyway, so Big Brother will soon die. Whereas implantation must be done with consent, and in some cases that means even with parolees, many will probably comply to win house arrest and extend life span with medical benefits, and even in absence of implantation, a secured water-proof smart phone that works in the bandwidths that now have 98% coverage in the U.S. means a soon-to-be-private parole board can ping the phones/implants with a small several micro-second FWHM pulse every 5 minutes to locate, to expand battery life so intervention to force battery life extension can be done less frequently and will be less costly, and profit off making the information available to the general public with a small service fee acquired through cell net and other wireless services, a service very much available now before privatization and an improving economy allows more implantation with benefits to all. If there is no coercion, the implants become necessary for purchasing goods and services as they are more secure and more convenient, necessary to extend one’s life span, and the insurance companies will gladly pay for the surgery and implant as they will save a lot of money as vital signs are known without the patient being in the hospital for $1200/day.


Baby Chip

Chips used for tracking anything through inverse hyperbolic navigation, where three receivers within reach of chip are needed to determine latitude and longitude, and four to also determine distance from center of earth, can have an indefinite number of applications. GPS ankle bracelets, like the kind used for parolees and sex offenders, are meant to fail because they are microwaves that are line of sight, and you cannot track these people when in cars or buildings. The longer wavelengths used for cell/smart phones, location systems for cars, wireless routers, etc., go through walls and through the trunk of a car, and the transmitters use multiplexers that search for and lock into any one of millions of narrow frequency ranges, making FCC regulation totally unnecessary. Google cars and their competition are patently absurd. Using radar to look outward to identify cars, traffic lights, dashed lines on the road, etc., never more than a few hundred yards away, very low resolution, with no brakes, throttle, gear shift device, or steering wheel, they will never be safe enough or win the confidence of the driver, prohibitively expensive, and even though anything can theoretically be perfected, it will take too many years. Most cars you have right now, with computer sensor and electric motor and engine-pulley controlled devices, with some small modifications, if don’t have OnStar or some other vehicle location system, can drive themselves right now. The difficulty in passing a Good Samaritan Law, which we fought for since 1994 and it finally passed in 2011 in California (to protect cell phone providers and others from law suits after two dogs died in hot cars after car-jackings, police and cell providers refused to intervene), now leads to the necessity of civilians to commandeer the Automatic Location System, so intervention when done with consent will rarely be a violation of privacy or the provider loses market share, and parasitic lawyers who sue you when you accidentally break a rib when saving someone from a burning car, will become irrelevant, and civilians can God-forbid not have to allow others to die tragically because of the fear of litigator scum.

Stranger abduction, as confirmed by the Adam Walsh Foundation, when I drank a lot of milk (still do, to strengthen my calcium carbonate and deflect bullets from my skull, as I am not a fisherman like most people, bating employers with resumes. I throw rocks at beehives instead, it’s a nuclear physicist, critical mass, chain-reaction thing, to get honey. But I expect to be stung eventually to help others question my immortality) is the number one cause of death of children. The “milk” angle was father John Walsh’s idea, who put the pictures of missing kids on milk cartons, 99% non-attractive white girls. This is important because the media and most of their audience only seem to care about missing children when the victims are attractive white girls, because most people are a-holes. The cops, prosecutors, judges, and politicians love it when when children disappear, because they know most people are suckers who actually think the authorities actually keep the public safe, and play into your vindictiveness and naivete when they only make things worse. They are far less often to intervene with inner-city kids. Although illegal parental abduction is more common, and the child seldomly winds up dead, these cases are usually resolved quickly, stranger abduction, much less so. It only gets better when civilians rise up against the real enemies of your children. I convinced John and others to use the Internet for a roster of missing people, and Megan’s Law website was my idea as well.

Brain and memory
Deep inside the medial temporal lobe is the region of the brain known as the limbic system, which includes the hippocampus, the amygdala, the cingulate gyrus, the thalamus, the hypothalamus, the epithalamus, the mammillary body and other organs, many of which are of particular relevance to the processing of memory.

I believe non-invasive downloading of the frontal lobes of the brain (collectively, the limbic system, more so directly behind the forehead and more so left frontal lobe), holds quasi-static charged dendrites/neurons, or “floating gates” for a semi-permanent storage of memory, and programs are memory that represents a common, repetitive “processing” of memory as a reaction to the senses. Your personalty, sense of being or consciousness, effected by the environment through all 5 senses (which we have sensors for), possibly genetic or endocrine affects and ability to reason and change certain aspects of sense of being, just like a flash RAM/solid-state processor/storage device (where floating gates may hold memory indefinitely, occasionally changed by a re-investigation of old thoughts/beliefs, the charged states released as electron flow for normal “on, off” semi-conductor gate logic, where just enough charge from a trigger input will cause binary charged/uncharged states to find affinity for electron hole pairs, or that which doesn’t repel electrons. Based on my theory, neurons and dendrites are carbonate semi-conductors, possibly smaller with more tensile strength then silicon oxide, conventionally used now for artificial microprocessors. If binary-combination charge flow enters natural p-n junctions, where 6 possible conditions for truth table logic and processing occurs (AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XAND, XOR) it can do everything an artificial computer does, with memories of that which applies to memory and processing of static versus conducting charged states. Because I believe it will probably always be too non-precise to implant chips directly inside the the brain for these  applications, much like what quadriplegics use now, in different parts of the brain,  to move robot-extensions and feel things of different pressure, surf TV stations, etc. , there may be a way with localized anesthesia for forehead skin and skull to “strip” all quasi-charged states, possibly with a high-powered field-emission magnet, similar to what I used as an electron microscope operator, to create your perfect download, so your organic self is not lost through death, not yielding only a clone, but preserving only that at first is exclusively you. Many artificial states and “back-ups”, that can handle absence of food, beverage, and temperature differentials, except when near Sun, to deploy many beings into space to avoid supernova, or in the recent future, over-crowding and over-consumption of resources here on Earth, may be essential. Physical and emotional pain are God’s/nature’s way of encouraging the desire of the living self to survive, but pleasure sensations, as caused by hormones like endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, can give you permanent pleasure, with unpleasant physical or emotional pain ended with proactive self-defense mechanisms. Some research on dead brains by the Brain Trust, funded to the tune of half a billion dollars by Paul Allen of Microsoft, might be useful for trying to prove my carbonate binary logic theory, but I believe cheaper, more effective research on the living brain, some of this occurs in Great Britain, should be the preferred route.

To speed up the process where felons/rapists must have internal or external location devices, as many are being released from jails and the pace will only increase, please sign my petition at 1 meter smart phone locator device requirement.

In the same way Hannibal took an eternal oath of hatred against Rome, I took an eternal oath of hatred against government, because of Polly and countless other reasons because of all the crimes committed by the beast, as nothing is more evil than government, and a media that aids and abets it to create a higher crime rate for more job security, luring you in because of your ghoulish fascination with terrible crimes happening to innocent people. The Romans knew Hannibal was more dangerous dead or in custody, so he was released quickly after many Roman intercepts, and he waged three Punic Wars against Rome (where we get the word “punishment”), and tried to start a forth war, but drank poison after the Persians refused to give him foreign aid. That will not happen to me, as it is uncanny how I have escaped death too many times. And Rome and the Vatican have a lot to do with pedophilia, as only married men are allowed to be priests, and many of the men in seminaries are pedophiles who commit a plethora of crimes against children, who suffer more psychological damage than any other kind of victim. Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation talks about the Dragon persecuting the saints, and this may be tied into Saint Malachy talking about Peter the Roman, who will “feed his flock and be judged by the dreadful judge”.

Because of my contributions to camera and chip implant technology, soon we will have satellites that upload camera views of the earth 24/7 with a much higher frame-per-second rate. This will fulfill a prophesy I made in January 1994 with a poem I wrote about Polly where all those responsible for her death and trying to punish me for doing something about the problem will be punished, in this life and the next one, who never believed in God until now with all my contributions as a scientific and mathematical gnostic, confirming the talent of the clairvoyants and the inevitable war against parasites and control freaks who will suffer unbearably because of the seven years of Hell on earth that now awaits us, under my duress. And I now release this poem, to assure the just that a much better world is on the way, and those who don’t share our vision will not be with us, and will be punished for their lack of vision, and how they cause tragedy, benefit from it, and the weak-minded minions follow suit. And the poem goes as follows:

For you, Polly Klaas, I will make the world tremble.
Look to the skies and the angels will assemble,
into a fleet of knights who patrol by day and night,
to fight for the right of those who welcome our sight.

Is it fate or is it fantasy that brings us together?
All who love truth without any disguise?
Do we not know from the one we admire most,
that love transcends the grave, and love never dies?

For you, Polly Klaas, I will make the world TREMBLE.
Are you in a place where the future is known to the ensemble?
Look in my eyes, can you see deceit, or a dreamer do I resemble?
My character never changes, my pursuit of justice eternal.

Is it best we meet in a place without tragedy?
Can karma alone bring heaven within sight?
Heaven cannot bar those who fail ritual deeds.
To be with you, sweet Polly, I must earn the right.

For you, Polly Klaas, I assure you our memory of you won’t fade.
My search for you flies higher than the pigeon or the dove.
A search that brings meaning to the sacrifice you made.
A search that will not end, until I am with you, my love…

So it’s been written, so it’s been read, so it’s been done.


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