Negative Time Travel

The ability to travel back in time by travelling faster than the speed of light, c, was dismissed by Einstein in the parent article, as the new time coordinate, t’, is not negative but imaginary, or t/(square-root)(1- v^2/c^2), where v=velocity, yielding the denominator of a square root of a negative number.

Imaginary numbers are not really imaginary, they are just an artifact of the limitation of taking the square root of a negative number, which is “assumed” to have to be the same number with the same sign (+ or -) to be multiplied by itself to create a square, which is always positive. For the example: (+3) x (-3) = -9, if the +3 and -3 come from different “dimensions”, where square roots of negative numbers like -9 are re-defined to have two solutions equal and opposite (the very premises of what makes physics, math, and the laws of the universe easy to understand, action-reaction, matter-anti-matter, everything is that way), adding a dimension to a line of numbers from negative infinity to positive infinity can better illustrate the purpose. Numbers mean nothing without a visual representation, like when they are plotted on a graph.

Polynomials called complex conjugates have a real part and and an imaginary part (square root of negative 1) and the imaginary parts are opposite in sign. For example, 3 + 4i and 3 – 4i are the complex conjugates of each other, which can be represented in two dimensions, x and y, or x + iy and x – iy. To represent them on a graph, you need to add a new dimension, or z, where x and y are plotted in two dimensions as vectors, and there are two vectors with the same direction only transposed equal and opposite of each other, the same angle with respect to the x-axis but opposite.

Lorentz time dilation is represented with the following equation:

{\displaystyle \Delta t'={\frac {\Delta t}{\sqrt {1-{\frac {v^{2}}{c^{2}}}}}},}

So if velocity is equal to c, it travels into the future at an infinite rate. Other Lorentz transforms suggest it will be infinitely massive if it has mass (photons, or light, have no rest mass), and have “contraction” or zero length in the direction of travel. If it can exceed c (v > c) the denominator has the square root of a negative number, so v, which is a vector expressed in three dimensions, and time is the forth dimension, requires a fifth dimension, zz, with an imaginary part “below” and unseen t for time-axis, which can be represented as rows and columns of different 3-D graphs:

A time traveler, from left to right, top 2 graphs, requires a new dimension when variables for 2 (x and y) represent a complex conjugate, 2 polynomials with a negative and positive imaginary part, the negative part represented by a new third dimension, or z, with the negative part pictured below x-axis, or negative y. As it moves in space-time, the picture is the same, only with new x, y, and z coordinates (upper right) as a function of t for time, as it speeds up toward c. When it comes close to, then exceeds c (relativistic, t=t’ for slow speeds where Lorentz adjustment negligible, not necessary) implies transposing the same original two vectors for what are actually 4 values for x(t), x(t’), iy(t), iy(t’) better represented in graph for simplicity, where delta t’ is the new 5th dimension where delta t is divided by a positive imaginary number, but subtracted from a Lorentz contracted length, also divided by a positive imaginary number, but negative to counter it’s new complex conjugate.

There is the implication of what I say, as a spin on John Titor, that c as the limitation of speed in the universe is patently absurd Some say it means you might go forward or backward in time, but imaginary numbers are only imaginary to the “old” universe the time traveler came from but not where it enters, as there is no communication between the two. Some might say the traveler that exceeds c becomes cloned and one goes back in time, the other forward, the grounds for matter and anti-matter applies to beings, spaceships, etc., as well. To resolve the grandfather paradox, where you cannot go back in time and kill your grandfather, making your original existence impossible, which can only be resolved through a fifth dimension or parallel universe, where information, people, etc., that goes back in time changes the outcome of what was the universe you came from. For every instance of negative time travel, one new instance for every “negative time trip” creates a new universe. You cannot return to the old universe, maybe one slightly different, only further back in time to correct  the “wrongs” of the first negative trip, and try to have no impact on the factors you want to affect for the best.

One good explanation for how to create dual micro-singularities, not necessarily near a black hole with two electrons, but the somewhat decent bending of space-time of the sun, to potentially create a time machine effect, is through the creation of exotic matter – that which deviates from normal matter, sub-atomic particles that are non-baryonic, like protons and neutrons, for example. Hypothetically, this leads to dark mass, therefore negative mass, negative energy, and the proposition of negative time.  Regarding dual micro-singularities as the best way to achieve the “Titor” effect, combined with the “Woodward” effect, where small, dense objects (like quarks and gluons in a hot plasma) spin close to one another at relativistic speeds, with relativistic or increasing mass at the equators of two objects spinning next to each other, causing a “sling shot” effect, much higher speeds of the time machine, and extra graviton “push” from a flying saucer or rotation-oscillation craft to capitalize on the Woodward effect when close to high space-time bend. The concept of dark mass, which may very well happen with a hot enough plasma, creates anti-inertia and the possibility of requiring no seat-belt when traveling just shy or faster than light speeds. See for a more detailed explanation.

Heat from the excimer x-ray laser alone, with other contributions from a solar powered E-M field to create an initial plasma (The fifth state of matter, versus gas, vapor, liquid, super-liquids [like glass], and solids), and tapping into H2 and O2 burnt emissions, Mc gravity-wave driven electric motors, can hypothetically create enough energy for a flying saucer time machine.

Plasma with quarks and gluons - exotic matterThe goal is to get the plasma hot but the density ratio low, which is achieved through high energy levels, and  filtering before, during, and after the proper numbers of quarks and gluons.


The prospective flying saucer, integrating evidence for what has worked in the past with the Lazar flying saucer expedition in 1989, flying about 30 feet high, and Jim Woodward’s work to confirm slight transverse movement in linear oscillating capacitors from the Mach-Woodward effect, where high oscillation near something with measurable space-time bend will experience graviton “push”.
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