The Global Warming Scam

There are three reasons carbon dioxide has nothing to do with global warming. First, the CO2 molecule is only 3% more dense than nitrogen, which is 78% of the atmosphere, and about 2.5% more dense than oxygen, which is 21% of the atmosphere, and if it is more dense, it blocks sunlight during the day, making the days cooler, and traps heat escaping from the earth at night, making the nights warmer. So CO2 makes the world more mild, which is a good thing. Secondly, based on analyzing the atmosphere for the last few million years, looking at corpuscles of ice from Antarctica, there is never more than 480 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere, only a small trace that cannot effect the temperature of the planet significantly. This leads to the third reason, mutual symbiosis, the fact that you cannot have too much CO2 in the atmosphere, because it is quickly converted back into oxygen by algae in the ocean, and a world that is greener than its been since satellites first started flying in the 1950’s, as satellites chart the color of the planet with increased vegetation. Conservation of energy, one of the three conservation laws, applies to the thermodynamics of gases as well, only the sun can make the atmosphere warmer, and possibly volcanic eruptions for the oceans. Like P.T. Barnum said, “There is a sucker born every minute”, and many of you fell for the global warming scam without challenging the scammers, as meteorologists don’t know anything, only chemists and physicists do, and we almost crippled civilization back to the stone age, all because of lack of education, and the knee-jerk reactions many people have. Meteorologists just want money from a government we’re going to get rid of. Global warming people, for the most part, don’t believe in global warming, it was a means of crippling America because its success is predicated on energy consumption, designed to give the Europeans an advantage over Americans, and resentment of companies and consumers as a way of punishing people and making money controlling the masses and selling solar panels and wind generators that are expensive and weak, and meteorologists who want government money for their research.

The truth is the world is getting colder, and most meteorologists admit it. Because of precession of the equinoxes, a 26 thousand year cycle, where you have an ice age at the half cycle, every thirteen thousand years, lasting 5,000 years, we are due for an ice age, as it has been 11,000 years since the end of the last ice age, and ice ages commence 11,000 years after the end of the previous ice age. See The so-called “98% of he experts who say the world is getting warmer” aren’t even experts, we don’t know who they are, they are anonymous. The “hockey stick” effect from the 1990’s is based on twelve Russian trees, when looking at all 100 trees, it shows a stable climate between 1900 and 1998. The warmer temperature attributed to the measurements of weather reporting stations is flawed because 4,500 of the 6,000 weather reporting stations were shut down, and they were mostly in colder places, making the so-called average temperature of the planet seem warmer. Al Gore and Jim Hanson committed fraud, and a population not equipped with the education I have largely got hood-winked, but many of you, based on shear intuition, have converted, as most polls show people are less inclined to believe in global warming, or don’t care as there is nothing we can do about it even if it is true. Global warming is better than global cooling, as global cooling kills more people and animals. An ice age, which is inevitable, will mean 3,000 foot deep ice caps as far south as the Columbia and Ohio rivers. Preparing for an ice age will save a lot of lives, as the global warming scam will cause people to remain ignorant and there will be major loss of life.

I am an ecologist, not an environmentalist. Man has always had a good relationship with his environment with very few exceptions, as we don’t want to hunt or harvest something to extinction or we lose the ability to hunt or harvest it, especially today with satellite photographs and privately-funded zoologists and agriculturalists who count approximate numbers of known species in different areas. Nature kills off and renders extinct far more life forms than we do. The Marxist Leninists, whose environmental policies based on resentment, jealousy, hatred of American consumers and companies, attempts to gut the American economy to allow Europe to have an advantage, and to secure government money for bogus studies and win tax money in law suits, have caused nothing but devastation. Where I lived for many years in the San Bernardino Mountains in southern California, we were not allowed for many years to cut down a single dead tree because it was protected as the home of the white spotted owl, even though there was a million to one ratio of dead trees to owls, erroneously thought to be endangered and limited to a forest in Oregon causing major lay-offs of lumberjacks in the 1980’s, but known to exist all throughout the Pacific coast, causing overgrowth of trees competing for a limited water table because of drought. Consequently, there were major wild fires that destroyed the dead trees, the white spotted owls, the live trees, animals, and even killed a few people, score one for the environment and these lawyers in muumuus known as judges who legislate from the bench. We had trouble building a fence on a narrow 100-yard strip of the Mexican-American border east of San Diego, because the environmentalists said the endangered ferry shrimp exists no where in the world but about an acre of land north of the strip, and building a fence would somehow trample them out of existence. But the fence crew will only be on the south end of the property and can build it in a day, fences are one dimensional, land is two dimensional, and the illegal aliens and drug and prostitute smugglers were trampling all over the land with hundreds of people a day. So we Minutemen built fencing ourselves and forced Army Corps to build a fence there. The U.S. Marine Corps for years could not practice amphibious missions, the most critical of all military training endeavors most critical for winning wars, because the Marines at Camp Pendleton are limited to 100 yards of beach on the Pacific coast, because an unnamed “endangered” invertebrate exists no where else in the world except along the same 3 miles they used to train on. The environmentalists tried to ban submarines in International waters, because they claimed sonar interferes with the hearing mechanism of whales, with little evidence or ability to prove it effects their ability to survive in the brief periods they are in proximity to submarines. Remember, an environmentalist is an anti-environmentalist, they don’t care about the environment or you, they only care about themselves and money, and hatred of national sovereignty people. Being counter-productive at your job in order to generate your own job security is not only a government thing, it is a human thing, and only education, competition, and social Darwinism corrects that, otherwise by default we devolve into monkeys.

The Bible says “the lion will lay by the lamb”, and in the now defunct Lion Country Safari in Laguna Hills, CA, lions would presumably lose their predatory instincts when fed slabs of meat. Stem-cell meat will eventually be cheaper and better, because meat is expensive because of the cost of vast amounts of roaming land. So we can release domestic animals to the wild, protect them with chip implants, domesticate some animals as pets with much better care, and enjoy stem-cell meat as a cheaper, healthier alternative to animals tortured in captivity.

There are four reasons anarchy with de-regulation leads to a much better, healthier environment:

  1. Say you manufacture nuts and bolts, dispensing dirty oil into the river. Originally your doing-too-well CEO lives in luxury away from river contamination, but the workers are more likely effected by bad water, poisoned fish, etc., living in poorer areas. A worker take-over means a mutual agreement not to contaminate as you don’t want to suffer the consequences
  2. As we go from more of a “master of one” to a “jack of all trades” society, multi-industrialization, there is an increasing chance your firm will invest in river water, fish spawning, etc.
  3. The impossibility of suing those who complain about water contamination on scam-alert “fight-back” websites (libel, slander, defamation-of-character law suits go away), your firm will not want the bad reputation, and potential boycotts. Oprah Winfrey was sued in the 1980’s for saying, “I don’t want to eat meat”. Overseas trust funds and the impossibility of controlling the Internet will end frivolous law suits.
  4. Recycling. As long as you’re not forced to recycle against your will, where the system punishes responsible people in cases where they over-enforce laws against those with money, and the litter-bugs cover their tracks and will likely get away with it, you will benefit from an industry very profitable with the threat to decreasing resources making recycled oil necessary

To sign a petition that will encourage investors to invest in stem cell meat research, and hurry the process where we can save billions of animals from torture and death, and improve the human and animal diet, please go to Stem Cell Meat Petition.

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