True Energy Independence

I am considered extremely fastidious (scraping, scroungy, scavenger), and competition is all you need to see what energy policy, not just national independence, but house-hold independence, is easily achievable. But whereas liberals claim they don’t like competition and historically favor government-funded coercion, anarchy and nihilism (be quasi-independent of infrastructure utilities) actually favors solar and wind, believe it or not.

While coal and petroleum, with my tax revolt, is cheap, and the myth of CO2 global warming has been permanently dispelled, the promise of wind and energy as free untapped sources has always drawn my attention as something that becomes disproportionately cheaper, with supply-side economics, than coal and oil for a number of reasons. It’s mostly about robotics, where human labor is more expensive for oil and coal for extracting and processing, while wind and solar require less high-human-wage interference. Wind generators now take up a lot of land, but if built not as pyramids but cheaper totem poles, with cables that extend outward for support, bringing the wind generators closer together, you can be much more efficient with land allocation. Further more, when the wind blades are retractable robot arms, where diameter and pitch in vanes changes for best torque, or energy conversion ratio to deal with different wind speeds (and radar can be used to cause retraction when a bird or plane is too close) the cost per Watt goes way down. Better alternators with multi-alloy brushes, and cleaner, filterable oil for bearings and laser-cut high tensile strength, low density gaskets, will reduce cost and extend life-spans of these wind generators.

Most solar panels use the cheap Amorphous Silicon-Oxide, but Indium-Gallium-Arsenide, multi-junction panels, will be much cheaper with a much higher electron-to-photon ratio. Coupled with better, cheaper Lithium-Oxide batteries, much more environmentally sound than Lead-Sulfate, much more dense, and longer battery life charged and discharged with a timer, like your computer battery, but with laser crafted, high tensile-strength, low density gaskets, to slow down base-acid exchange, means the potential not only to provide all electricity needs for your house, but car as well. In cloudy places at different times of the year where you don’t need air conditioning, it’s all about battery storage that makes solar quasi-independence possible. There are of course, situations, where you get no wind or sun for long periods of times, so a petroleum back-up for cars, home heating oil/natural gas should still be included as back-up, as integration is good for the consumer, and good for multi-industrialism as well.

Nothing is more important than water, and in much of the public land that will become private, community, or free, that is mostly desert, water is actually plentiful. That’s because the atmosphere is about 4.0% water vapor in summer, which can be diffused (osmosis) through a polymer screen under high suction. My home town, Fountain Valley, CA, was the first to force industrial water at high pressure through polymer filters to recycle water. The human excrement left behind can be treated as better fertilizer than what comes from animals for growing food, plants, flowers, trees, etc., and even be used to heat your house (the “s” word, “store high in transit”, is the result of steam ships using cow patties, used in the Civil War, because mining coal was too expensive). Nano-energy, the result of the cow patties getting too close to water, is the result of an electro-chemical reaction, as with Phosphate in “made ready to eat” meals, or what gives your body energy, a very high energy conversion ratio.  Studying horticulture, and what kinds of plants and trees are near well water (like Willow trees), is useful, as well as cellophane over small plants with a drip dish, that can be connected with pipes. And, of course, it is advisable to have your own small reservoir to capture more water, maybe through rain gutters gathering water from your roof, then apply the same polymer filtration.

Sea turbines, with electric generators, are also good for tapping into high-torque, constant 5 mph ebb and flow of ocean water, with cables congregating to a common junction at beach front to cover less beach property, and no threat to the environment/ocean creatures. The same energy, combined with better quality polymer screening, will allow desalination of salt water.

Fracking is the best way to tap into petroleum in the United States, with more shale (where you go down vertically, extend out horizontally,  saving land for many non-petroleum uses) than any other country, leading some to believe the U.S. has more oil in reserves than any other country. But the legal limit is far less, so un-enforce-ability from the anti-oil element means a revolt to produce far more cheap, untaxed oil/gasoline. But when there is concern over well water contamination, centrifuging of oil-water combinations is recommended with no loss of energy, and pure water can actually be produced as a compliment, not a supplement, of firms and industries working together in a permanent world healthy economy, not always trying to “corner the market” when there is desperation, as with cell phone companies with their repeaters.

So while supply side economics, or Reaganomics, means everything gets much cheaper with my tax revolt, lower unemployment rate, and lower interest rates, statistical process control, where you brain storm trial-and-error problem-solution analysis, now done with computer simulations, and more quality, higher quantity products and services are expected from more delegation to machines superior to people, integration and cooperation from different companies in the same industry is essential. I use cell phone companies as the best example, for while “critical mass” (high volume and density) occurs when they combine for joint memberships, for superior phone/Internet quality, remote controlled cars, etc., competition is the only thing that works against the greedy, and outer space cannot be legislated for those of use who want to employ space elevators and low-orbit satellites. See

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