Scientific and Mathematical Gnosticism

Fate, Destiny, no such thing as Coincidence

I am the final of the Christian crusaders. Most of my life I was atheistic or agnostic. I didn’t like being proselytized by the blind faith element. I felt God deserved more than blind faith, although the case for God was weak based on the evidence when I was young. But over the years I realized that the case for God was getting stronger based on the definition of God as “that which the laws of science and math cannot explain”. The Church of Scientology does something similar for scientific evidence for God, and I went my own direction with the founding of the Church of Scientific and Mathematical Gnosticism in 2013.

There are four kinds of paranormal phenomena that deal with God and other-worldly things – creationism versus evolution, life after death, clairvoyance, and miracles. Scientific Gnosticism usually deals with the absurdity of the mass hallucination theory, like multiple people seeing a ghost described later the same when, even when secluded, the consistency of near-death experiences, 500 people seeing the sun dance in the sky in Fatima, Portugal in 1915, and so on. Mathematical Gnosticism deals with events that defy mathematical probability, the violations of the laws of Gaussian statistics, miracles if you will, and there are many examples that are intertwined into scientific paranormal phenomena.

Greg Graffin
Greg Graffin – “Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. Life is the crummiest book I ever read, there isn’t a hook. Just a lot of cheap shots.”

The most classic example of the dispute between the religious and non-religious is creationism versus evolution. As a child I considered the theory of evolution to be logical although never quite accepted it, then I read a book called The Encyclopedia of Ignorance in 1988 where two professors who taught evolution dismissed it and thought it doesn’t happen at all. Male and female have to mutate at the same time and happen to be the exact same new species, one out of an arbitrarily high percentage of at least hundreds of possible acid group combinations to form a DNA genome number of any life form, the human genome having over 30,000 acid-group combinations, and happen to intermingle and procreate, happen to preserve a long lineage with siblings marrying and preserve a new species for millions of years, in most cases, in a world of tens of billions of species in 5 kingdoms of life. The burden of responsibility of finding “missing links” went from unlikely to impossible, as more fossilized living forms are found each day, none of the genomes of these life forms, like birds with crows versus webbed-feet, have anything in common. Even when different species procreate, like a horse and a donkey, they form a sterile mule. Living forms actual devolve after creation, with vestigial organs like the appendix, it may have served a useful purpose at one time, but now is an impediment. Mutations are rare, and when they occur, like Siamese Twins or bearded women, they have trouble reproducing. Harsh climate causes social Darwinism, but independent of a known change in genetics, but better intellectual-cultural adaptations. The intestines may evolve, a fractal, a non-Euclidian, self-replicating, geometric figure, 32-feet long, though to better absorb vitamins and reject undesirable substances over time, but humans make more bad eating decisions, as the technology for pre-screening for better health gets better, but social-Darwinism increases because of the “spoiling of the masses” leading to a turning point after devolution into possible mass extinction. Much like “Demolition Man”, where the robots get smarter, the people get dumber, and the first Earth Day of 1970, now proving because of the brainwashing of the minions over CO2 effecting the temperature of the planet, the weather gets smarter, the people get dumber. There is an eerie correlation since Noah’s flood (every major tribe around the planet had it’s own flood story carbon-dated 5,000 years ago) between natural disasters and decadent human behavior, and ever since. The 3 thermodynamic laws dictate entropy for the Universe (not localized systems) increases over time, meaning you go from order to chaos, better support for life-creationism and even inorganic-creationism. Henceforth, I am a creationist-devolutionist (Devo, do-do-do-do-do, crack that whip!). This means we were created or there is miraculous evolution, which is creationism none the less. Later we found out that the human genome has nothing in common with the chimpanzee, Homo Erectus, and Homo Sapiens Neanderthalus, our alleged ancestors and cousins respectively. Greg Graffin of “Bad Religion”, who went from atheist to naturalist, conceived of “anarchy evolution”, a Ph.D. in zoology, with emphasis in evolutionary studies, a statement that condones origin of species as a Nietzsche “out of chaos comes order” theory. But does the re-organization of random acid groups, if sub-atomic phenomena, mean Heisenberg uncertainties, where a high margin of error for the high-energy of DNA chaos or “anarchy energy” mean a more precise time interval that increases new speciation chances? The same thing for “anarchy momentum”, or chaos, increasing the likelihood of predicting more precise position of the re-aligning of acid groups that increase speciation chances? There is much evidence for spontaneous generation when looking at the history of species, like the absence of ancestors for the many findings of new species that appeared one billion years ago during the pre-Cambrian era, spontaneous generation, in very high volume. Were they put there by extra-terrestrials, or members of our own future with technology to go back in time, a ridiculous paradox to “precede oneself”? Surely they would leave some evidence like high-tech junk, but no substantiated evidence yet.

Life-after-death has a plethora of evidence, like the millions of ghost sightings over thousands of years where multiple people see ephemeral images, many photographed with no evidence of fraud or tampering. They could be natural holograms, and possibly collectible through stereo-vision cameras that can capture them and upload self-modulating interferograms into the chip of the head of a cloned diseased life form. But many are solid (The “Entity”, where the band “Frozen Ghost” got its name from) or supernatural, where I now have no explanation. Near-death experiences are pleasant 95% of the time and consistent about 90% of the time barring the likelihood of mass hallucination. Many of the people who have near-death experiences have no brain wave activity according to EKG machines, before, during, or after near-death (think of intersections, most people think in terms of separate sets, and are absolutists and think life and death and many other things in a world of black-and-white thinkers are distinct, the ultimate downfall of humans). Children who have not been socialized to believe in heaven have the same pleasant near-death experiences. Many people report out-of-body experiences, seeing things like events in hospitals when unconscious in the operating room, they report it, and hospital people are surprised.

There are many examples of miracles from history, like Fatima, Portugal, in 1915, Bosnia-Herzogovenia in the 1880’s, the deaconess Tatiana in the third century in Rome, the many miracles of the Bible, like Jesus being seen alive after crucifixion by 500 witnesses, and the Apostles willing to travel far and be martyred on a relentless passive-resistance Crusade, exclaiming great shame for their betrayal of Jesus, the many who have recovered from terminal diseases from faith healing, and so on.

Gaussian DistributionMathematical Gnosticism, my greatest contribution to religion, super-natural intelligent design beyond the control of man or E.T.’s, defies the Heisenberg uncertainty principles (the more sure you are of one thing, the less sure you are of another thing) which only applies to complimentary sub-atomic properties, the micro, not the macro, and the miracles that defy Gaussian statistics.

I come from a law enforcement family where we have success many times with psychics finding missing bodies quite often. It has become apparent to me that many clairvoyants like Nostradamus, Jesus, John, Isiah, Saint Malachy, Jean Dixon, Edgar Cayce, and others not only have an uncanny knack but a talent. Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelations talks about the 10-horned beast, which is thought to be the European Economic Union in its infancy in 1972, there is a reference to Israel becoming a state, which happened in 1948, then three generations later, “something happens”. This is also consistent with events that happened after the year 2000, “at the end of the one thousand year period”. It talks about the dragon rising from the sea (I was born in the year of the dragon, 1964), those who have passed on have been written into the Book of Life, which is thought to be the rapture. The beast is revered and given power, and persecutes the saints, the lamb is born from the fire of the earth with two horns on its head (I have two cartilage bumps on my head), the Mark of the Beast is required on the right hand or forehead to engage in commerce everywhere in the world (This could be Verichip, I am one of the pioneers of chip implant technology, the fact that big institutions, like those rewarded in the sub-prime loan scandal, steal more money with electronic forgery, than petty thieves, who use skimmers and scanners to steal money from your credit-card/debit-card chips from up to 10 feet away, hidden in purses and back-packs, impossible to catch or prosecute, means you have to have the larger volume-better encrypted “kill many birds with one stone” RFID implant to buy anything, or financial institutions will go out of business, see –Chip Implants), and then the mentioning of the number of a man, 666. 666 is thought to be the number of man or imperfection, not the number of the devil, 777 is the number of God or perfection. 666 was my major code as a physics major at the University of California, Irvine.

Nostradamus, accredited with many successful predictions, such as “Hister, captain of Germany”, “Pau Nay Loron, Napoleon Rey, Napoleon King, a king born near Italy, more butcher than king” (he is almost always off by one letter, coincidence? Most quatrains also have a double-meaning). There are references to Germany invading Poland in 1938 (he was off by one year), Pasteur receiving an award in 1868, two hollow mountains burning near the garden of the world (9-11, New Jersey is the garden state). I can talk at length about dozens of his predictions that have come true. As regards myself, there are many predictions, four in particular, that pertain to this time period:

Mabus will soon die,
and there will come a terrible destruction to both people and animals.
Vengeance will be revealed, a hundred to hand,
when the great comet passes.

His hands finally through the bloody Alus,
he will fear the military hand by sea.
Caught between two rivers,
the black and the angry one will make him repent of it.

“Mabus” and “Alus” are believed to be anagrams for the third antichrist, which I believe pertains to my inventions and co-inventions, the Magnetically-Aligned Ballast Antenna System (MABAS, he was off by one letter), and the Automatic Location System (ALS, also off by one letter). This technology is tied into chip implant technology to read vital signs, locate missing people, parolees and sex offenders, and extend life spans. It is similar to Verichip, a chip implant in the hand to be used for purchasing, which is thought to be the Mark of the Beast. MABAS did quickly die as the joint venture capitalists did not like the idea, but now we have smart phones and a multitude of wireless close-by receivers, tied into ALS that can relay the signals, and the technology is used for people and animals.

There will come a man born to three water signs,
who will celebrate his feast holiday on Thursday.
His renown, praise, and power,
will be seen to grow on land and sea,
bringing fear to the East.

All but the last the name of the prophet,
will take Monday as his day of rest.
He will wander far because of a frantic head,
and deliver the great people from their subjection.

These two quatrains could very well pertain to me. I was born July 20, 1964, the year of the dragon, the month of cancer, the age of pisces, all three are water signs. As an American I celebrate most of my holidays on a Monday, and my feast holiday, Thanksgiving, on a Thursday. Delivering people from their subjection was thought by the Nostradamus writer Erika Cheetham to mean taxes, and I am the inventor of tax audit insurance, the tax audit lottery, and tax audit charity, and a major contributor to Intuit, the TurboTax people (#2 software package in the world) for developing SnapTax and the AI library for TurboTax, as the minimizing of tax liability alone, especially with more education about International tax shelters, means IRS auditors bring in less, demanding higher salaries in an economy improving only from lower tax revenues, and find the private sector safer, higher income, and more patriotic, as accountants have the lowest unemployment rate of any profession. “Bringing fear to the east” may have something to do with my contempt with North Korea and China for their brutal interment camps and the jailing of political dissidents, which may require more than a tax revolt to bring down their governments. The Bible does talk about the fall of nations, the fall of Babylon and the whore of Babylon (prostitution becomes more popular with stateless societies) and the big cities (probably because they rely on tax money far more than non-big cities), the leading into captivity those who take into captivity, and those who kill with the sword who must be killed with the sword (the many corrupt peace officers being taken into captivity, mostly because of the increasing presence of cameras, and then anarchy with vigilantism), before the second coming of Christ. My penultimate name is Dante, the name of an Italian poet and prophet, who made predictions about events that would come to transpire in Italian city-state politics uttered by the dead souls of Hell in Dante’s Inferno from the 14th century. Allegedly he batted 1,000.


We at the Church of Scientific and Mathematical Gnosticism are a religion based on evidence, not faith, unless supported by the evidence. We welcome all critical thinkers of all religions and non-religious belief systems. We do not tolerate religious exclusiveness or fanaticism, as words have multiple definitions, multiple meanings, and are manipulated not by God but primitive, weak-minded, cowardly people who claim to be fundamentalists only because of a brain-washing mechanism common in humans who divide, kill each other off in God’s name, and eventually die themselves and are raptured because Darwin’s laws are not good for them, mostly because of the fear of damnation, based on a submissive, evil element in human nature that makes them unsuitable for the return of Jesus Christ and a thousand years of peace. Most wars are fought in God’s name, and most people die not because of God but divisiveness because of the lack of understanding of the meanings of words and delusions of grandeur from a localized and not worldly influence. Fundamentalism is perfectly fine based on the fact that religious scripture and writings are probably allegorically true when they cannot be proven, as I learned from Isaac Asimov, an astronomy writer who wrote “History of the World” and drew many interesting analogies. Philosophy is higher than religion, and science and math higher than them both, and while science and math confirm much but not all of what religion tells us, religious fanatics ultimately make up their own rules, like government, and are therefore condemned in this life, the one guaranteed life, as they make God look dark and sinister, the ultimate sin, and are punished in this life, with no known consequences in the after life. Like Mike Savage said, an intelligent person doesn’t believe every word he or she reads, and two fundamentalists (or what I call exclusionists) will often disagree with each other, and are not worthy of synergy that leads to consensus, and kill each other though proselytized because they are absolutist and not relative thinkers, black and white, not capable of nuances of grey, and will be left behind. Some will not be converted, or through division, turned against other exclusionists of other faiths, quite sad but the inevitable plight of mankind as most wars where most people die do so because of twisted religious beliefs, and history only repeats itself. Like Mahatma Gandhi, I am a religious pluralist, who said, “I am a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhist, and a Hindu”. Belief in God has shrunk from what was commonly 90% to 73% in the U.S. in recent years, and I believe it is because of an increasing amount of critical thinking that unfortunately opposes God when it should only oppose the fanatics, so I believe only a universal religion, based on the preponderance of the evidence, along with the inevitable collapse of institutional government, self-governance, privatization of all valuable services performed by what will be the former government will bring peace to the world, all those who contest it, serve the whim of a war against ignorance as they will self-destruct or be the victims of a divide and conquer campaign like the world has never seen, with the conquerors giving away to autonomy, and the need for a tax-less monarchy with the coronation of a man without sin who will bring peace for a long time, for Jesus was the perfect Man as He said “the time of the second coming will only be known to the Father and not the Son”, because the Bible would not cause certainty knowing there are some trying to thwart the Second Coming. When asked about taxes, and asked if He would offer it to Cesar by Roman soldiers, Jesus said (according to King James), “Give onto Cesar what is Cesar’s, give unto God what is God’s”, but there is certainly no mention of Jesus paying the tax, hence the framework for Christian anarchy justified by the Bible and Revelation. James was a dictator, the original Bible was decided on by council, and written in Greek, where Jesus actually said, “Give back onto Cesar what is Cesar’s”, as Roman money, Darius, had a picture of Tiberius, and using it is a violation of the Jewish 10 Commandments, “Thou shall not honor engraven images”. The New Testament would not be possible, except for the Christians need to revolt against Cesar, by being crucified upside down, beheaded, and fed to lions. So Jesus was an anarchist, James did not like that, causing the Christians to become weak, over-feminized, and Nietzsche, who inspired Hitler, made the case for an anti-Christian revolt. Modern-day heavy-metal and punk rock enthusiasts, who will return and grow in number, badly psychologically tortured and proselytized, in many cases, by these hypocrites (as Jesus said was grounds for returning to divide with the sword, for not appreciating the forgiveness of debt, and not appreciating the sacrifice of blood on the cross for the the sins of mankind) will revolt, and the Antichrist, the first of many false Christs, is said to come as Jesus with what will be a false peace (pre-tribulations), somewhat blissful for 42 months, then post-tribulations, the next 42 month period, will be catastrophic, unspeakable human carnage from inhuman behavior and weather. Decadence, and despicable behavior as never seen before, leads to the persecution of the Christians, non-Christians annihilated, as the act of the predecessor of Christ, “There will come a man of sin, who will give way to the Son of man”. Whereas the Book of Romans and other books call for obeying man’s laws for “they come from God”, the Bible, and life in general, is about temporal transition, double-think contradictions displaced by time (as light cannot be perceived as particle and wave at the same time), “War is Peace” cannot perpetuate without a revolt by those trying to survive, who cannot live or bear the humiliation after certain death without taking down Big Brother and the evil, double-standard hypocrisy of the law enforcement, military-industrial complex.

Those who appreciate Darwin’s laws and God’s laws as the same laws are better communicators, and will survive after devolution for decades. The fall of nations is implicit as a legal tax revolt.


A man reborn of the infernal gods of Hannibal,
the great terror of mankind.
Never before will there be more horror,
nor will the papers tell of worse news to come to Rome through the world…

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