Presidential Agenda

As U.S. President, I will do the following:
1. Outlaw IRS and all other forms of taxation and tariffs, through legislation and a constitutional amendment.
2. Outlaw Federal Reserve and forgive all current federal debt and all international organizations funded by current Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury Department. Legislate to allow all states to declare bankruptcy with stipulation future borrowing will be illegal for all sitting U.S. politicians. New revenue generation, now made possible and difficult to regulate with primary brick-and-mortar and Internet banks, to be allowed but regulated by criminal arbitration authorities when money is used for purposes other than loans. Congress and the President cannot use revenue for any spending on what will became private organizations that replace federal bureaus that will have the autonomy to manage as boards of directors who will select and replace executive directors without interference from the U.S. President or Congress.
3. Outlaw McCaine-Feingold campaign finance reform and allow politicians to solicit unlimited donations to provide for occupation compensation and campaign funding. De-regulate laws that criminalize politicians receiving “bribes” or any form of monetary or prize compensation contingent with termination of politicians’ abilities to control tax dollars or any public financial obligation.
4. The U.S. Presidents will continue to select federal judges until mechanism will be agreed upon to allow court clerk to hire/fire judges and receive compensation through donations and form fees to fund any short-comings, decided upon by the U.S. Department of Justice. Constitution will be amended to remove right of federal judges to serve for life, judges may be removed anytime by the office of the U.S. President and Congress, and Supreme Court judges may be removed by agreement between the President and Congress, until 100% autonomous and private sector.
5. Legislate as a civil libertarian, “thou shalt not create a victim”:
a. Legalize all drugs and medication. Criminalize with current statues and penalties anyone who traffics illegal drugs and medication to minors.
b. Legalize prostitution.
c. Outlaw bench warrants.
d. Legalize gambling.
e. Legalize euthanasia with consent of patient when conscious or closest family members assigned as conservators with consent of doctors.
f. Outlaw all forms of gun control by amending through reinforcement the second amendment, ignored historically by elements always in violation of explicit language in second amendment.
g. Amend first amendment by removing criminalization of incite to riot and threats of death and great bodily harm to be replaced by language criminalizing only speech or expression where courts can verify intent to directly demonstrate willful desire to put in harms way (eg. “fire, fire” in a movie theater).
6. Amend fifth amendment to outlaw a jury of your peers and replace with a grand jury to preside over all trials, criminal and civil courts, with the outlawing of prosecutors, the public defender, and any need of the outlawing of interjections in the courtroom that may cause prejudice.
7. Amend twenty-fifth amendment to allow U.S. President to serve an indefinite number of terms, also retroactive for sitting President. Amend Constitution to require electoral college go to a congressional district count and two vote count for plurality of state popular votes.
8. Outlaw minimum wage, anti-trust laws, and insider trading laws.
9. 300+ summit of all nations to remove nuclear weapons, ABM’s, and weapons of mass destruction enforceable largely but not exclusively through spy satellites viewed by all civilians and other human and electronic surveillance in private sector.
10. Outlaw DEA, ATF, Department of Education, the Department of Energy, Trade Commission, and FCC (FCC not necessary because of multiplexer search and fix on available frequency within a larger bandwidth technology, most communications of the future will be URL specific through information super highway).
11. Privatize, with autonomy, Homeland Security, entitled to build new ports of entry with tolls, airport security now responsibility of private airports and airline services still under jurisdiction of FAA. Tolls/entry application fees to pay for deportation of violent/sex offender felons, border security, to include foot patrol, fencing by reinforcing cattle fencing with fabric and electronic video/detection equipment. Guest worker permits to be given to all those without violent/sex offender felony for ease of out-of-country travel, amnesty given annually to those with a job and no criminal record annually in rising numbers if proportional to declining numbers of undocumented immigrants. Immigration anticipated to be lower because of tax revolt worldwide and rising standard of living elsewhere.
13. Privatize military. Troops to be brought home with option to sell all products and services except weapons of mass destruction to general public, collect donations, sell advertising, etc. with private VA medical insurance, combined with donations, to assist with all military injuries. President to remain commander in chief, with war powers act resumed such that all foreign conflict with missions to exceed one week to require Congressional approval.
14. Privatize (with states’ approvals) social security, cash aid, food stamps, SDI, and EDD. Half of revenue goes to stock market portfolio split between three conservative mutual funds proven to be highest performers since 1930, recipient decides on limited selection of conservative and aggressive funds for other 50%. Cash aid and food stamps to be charity, social security to be the tax-turned-into-premium, not required, with minimum retirement age of 62 1/2, but incentives to earn more money when one retires later. EDD to be voluntary insurance company to access likelihood of lay-off and likely length of unemployment before landing a job based on analysis of statistics, where employer and employee can share in contribution to fund. Cash aid recipients and those with no income to be allowed notes written by two doctors determining inability to work (physical or psychological evaluation) and will access SSDI funds. State controlled conservatorships to be issued for small fee to competitive accounting firms regulated by arbitration.
15. All pensions and public health insurance remanded to retirement payments and private health insurance. Bureaucracies become private organizations required to be industrial democracies where good workers are more likely attracted and retained when those who lose pensions are grandfathered and now receive retirement payments taken from 401K general fund increasing in value because of healthy stock market. Private health insurance now more competitive, cheaper, better, with more audits to prevent waste, and anticipating many who will return to work who need not pay for many wasteful doctor’s office visits, but if unemployed and/or not insured by firm, are encouraged to pay for catastrophic health insurance only.
15. Pass a Good Samaritan law nationwide that applies to all radio transmitter/transceiver combinations so people, animals, and vehicles, with consent, can have location, vital signs, etc. monitored by private firms in competition for quality and privacy to assist with health, safety, and security, all vehicles to maneuver themselves to minimize accidents and ease flow of traffic, and provide public access to smart phone/computer widgets location of known parolees, who will be incarcerated less often, and in lieu thereof must agree to have an internal or external RFID long-wavelength device provide all pertinent data to allow citizens proactive protection against known parolees.

17. Until all taxes and tariffs are dissolved, with proposal of 25% reduction every year for 4-year Presidential term, a poll of the people ranking the importance of all federally funded programs at to be criteria for Presidential budget proposal after every state of the union address.
18. Sell federal land to private interests and create free community property according to the demand of the American people based on polling data. Campaign heavily for more need for community property based on understanding increasing population makes private land less accessible to people of the future, until space colonization of a large population is proven.


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