Murray Rothbard
Murray Rothbard, father of modern-day anarcho-capitalism

Services traditionally provided by government and the laws different groups of people implemented and enforced should be decided strictly by the laws of supply and demand based on the prerogative of the individual, and products/services equivalent to what the government provides already exist in the private sector, only better, cheaper, with friendlier service, versus something that is expensive, counter-productive, and hostile, and is already private, because of fees/fines/donations, and many receive a profit on top of that (eg. the commissary and PX for the military). And not all services required traditionally done by government require a revenue exchange, a lot of it is automatically done through self-governance, as with the police auxiliary. When freedom abounds, if quick enough with an instant tax revolt, public institutions have the option of offering services voluntarily instead of an involuntary intrusion like the present and past, with a phone/e-mail blast, they can charge what they want based on the autonomy they already have or anticipate with failure of politicians and courts to penalize them quickly enough. Otherwise, politicians must work 24/7 to officially privatize, knowing they will be harassed constantly for not doing the right thing, and ease the responsibility of what will be private politicians with far less responsibility, once public-to-private institutions have autonomy with competition. Because public sector institutions are “branded” with ability to phone and mail-blast all current customers, they can capitalize on pay-per-impression and pay-per-click advertising, which means the institution which offers advertising incurs higher profit margins than those of us who start out unbranded with commission-based advertising. Advertising is the number 1 industry on the planet, and will serve them well as they must try to survive by offering better products and services offered only to the individual who pays an insurance premium because they find them valuable; forcing the product/service on them because of what was once presumed to be mandatory taxation only leads to inefficient and at times counter-productive behavior.The waste of a counter-productive government that is largely anti-democratic to create dependencies, or in some cases too democratic when allegations of tyranny of the majority prevail for causes that inflict minority good when the majority is not victimized, should not be tolerated in what Marx thought of as the inevitable plight of mankind to create a democratic socialist dictatorship. The ultimate goal is world peace, which requires most importantly freedom, security, and prosperity, and the existence of government is a threat to all those things. Privatization of government services, which occurs by fiat when the government collapses and is guaranteed to collapse and requires no formal organization, only one person to explain how it is a potential benefit to all, requiring people be more responsible and subduing the more inferior criminally inclined element with a world that becomes less oppressive and the ease of electronic communication improving over time. I am the first person in history to embrace the “meaning of life” as far as the ideal socioeconomic system or non-system, and try to embrace it and proliferate it, Marx and Proudhon probably understood this but did not apply proper verbiage or make more of an effort to implement the best strategy. No anarchist has explained how in detail it is privatization that makes a stateless society work, and eventually in a more prosperous, peaceful, high-tech world proactive against those who wish to violate your rights, even the private sector equivalent of what the government does becomes less necessary, and there will be less crime, war, and poverty. People often foolishly think we need government to deal with these predicaments, but the predicaments largely exist only because of the existence of government. Capitalism, like Marx said, is the only mode of production in history to create an economic surplus, and when you put people back to work with lower inflation and interest rates, you will end a lot of suffering, crime, and war, as people have to be more responsible. The world has always been run by the laws of supply and demand and always will be, and is only impeded upon by criminal activity, and government is just a large criminal organization that takes away your freedom because you have given them a mandate, no different then the Mafia demanding shake-down money from store owners, using the money for booze and prostitutes, where everyone loses. And there is no such thing as limited government, liberal and conservative politicians do everything to expand government the same way you want to expand the business you own or work for. But expansion largely leads to collapse, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, because of increasing internationalism and the rising spending and debt obligation, and this time we need to make sure the collapse is permanent. Non-violent vigilantism or the threat thereof to minimize indiscretion will abound and that is a good thing when compared to an evil, stupid, lazy, counterproductive public sector criminal justice system much like we have in California that oppresses anything that takes the laws into it’s own hand, and largely gives criminals all the rights and punishes victims, just like you see in a Dirty Harry movie. But the definition of vigilante is not widely understood, it means someone who uses the law to enforce the law, and when it breaks the law, it is a rare phenomenon and when it occurs it usually is a good thing, like with Bernard Goetz as the inverted universe created by public sector criminal justice leaves the citizen with no other choice.

A security guard in California on average makes about $10 per hour and receives no pension, a cop, $50 an hour with pensions often equal to $10,000 per month for someone who will retire in their fifties and live many decades beyond retirement. Private security, which in many cases you don’t have to pay for when the world becomes like Tombstone, Arizona, and civilians carry guns everywhere, a deterrent that reduces the number of attempted crimes, which means that law enforcement is closer to the potential crime scene and easily affordable with the profitability of stores and home owners associations. There are private jails that put the prisoners to work, ask for donations, and are more fastidious, not jailing so many drug offenders and usually only the ones who create victims. The courts will still operate but will not receive anything from the anathema that is the general fund, court fees will go up to reduce the number of frivolous law suits and criminal court will dismiss the public defender and prosecutors in favor of a grand jury for both indictment as well as trial, or most all cases will be sent to arbitration. As libertarians, we don’t accept anything that forces the individual to do something against their will unless a victim is created, like military conscription, serving on a jury, and now that means paying taxes. Someone who doesn’t want to be a soldier will only be a bad soldier, and the same applies to a juror. Lawyers only choose the most malleable, pliable people to serve on a jury, and it only leads to a number of bad decisions like O.J. Simpson, Robert Blake, Ramos and Campean, and Sacco and Vincetti, who were executed just for being anarchists by a prejudice jury. Jury retaliation against prosecutors with a good case and defendants hated for trivial reasons are common. You cannot prejudice a jury, so it leads to “objection over-ruled, objection sustained” for 9 to fifteen months just to convict one bad guy of a heinous crime, it’s enough to drive you insane and it is no wonder the crime rate is so high in the U.S., especially California. Whereas prosecutors know they get the easy plea bargain or three-day-trial for drugs and other victim-less crimes that make up about 90% of the cases, hence the evil double standard of over-enforcing the little things and under-enforcing the big things, and that is why it is good not to pay taxes to force the issue and eventually we will amend the fifth amendment, and create a grand jury for trials, for both criminal and civil law, like the ones we have right now for indictment, unless the states go back to being territories where the Constitution is nullified.

Public fire departments also involve a lot of waste with high wages and pensions, and firemen who are paid to work 12 months a year when they are only needed for the 1-2 months on average when there are fires. It is a receptacle for multi-million dollar law suits, like a man who claimed discrimination for eating dog food. Why would you want your tax money to go to that? Tax money is only used for malevolent purposes, because the public sector believes in its infinite gall it can force the issue, but you have options against them. Volunteer fire departments are far less expensive, and work not only with donations, but can require insurance from each home and store owner, private parks, making people more responsible. The socialists in Sacramento often under-fund fires here in California, and if you give people freedom and autonomy, this will not happen.

Privatize everything, better, cheaper, friendlier service. I need not speak of schools as their history of horrific waste is common knowledge, like an L.A. school that spent a billion dollars on infrastructure alone. Inner city people will get off welfare, go back to to work, and can afford $1,000 a year tuition for their children who will attend Internet school at home, or something free that can use my formula for collecting donations and offering free commission-based advertising, offering students what they desire based on surveys/keywords popular in chat/discussion forums, live/post-time class online class dialogues, etc. The kids need not worry about bullies, getting kidnapped, and kids love computers and hate all the rules and regulations, and can play when they want and use Wei-style computer interaction for physical fitness. Socialized medicine leads to nothing but abuse, with people who use medical services for frivolous reasons with little retribution, low deductibles and premiums, long lines, people dying waiting for surgery or transplants, doctors who over-charge and are not audited, but the competition created by forcing the issue of private health care service means cheaper prices coupled with more responsible behavior, and with increasing prosperity, more people will go back to work in an economy that over-heats and employers will beg people to work for them with health care benefits, and we can bring back rehab benefits like we had in the 1980’s as rehab is about the only thing that works for chronic drug and alcohol use, enforcement only makes things worse as it leads to a cheaper, more accessible then expensive and violent black market. Much overuse of socialized medicine is the result of people who don’t work and live off government money, hence the inevitability, the system will collapse. Welfare people who abuse drugs, the most common drug and crime offenders, will have to go back to work and be drug-tested unless they receive less for charity with less money for bad behavior, and only on privatized disability or retirement insurance (eg. SSI, SSDI, or its competition) if they can prove they are truly mentally or physically disabled as the system tries to indoctrinate many younger people on social security to increase dependencies and win votes, and many can’t find work but want to work and are unable because employers pay taxes. Privatized social security, which now has competition, will mean more income with lower inflation, as many young people will leave it for work, to lessen the load, while an unregulated stock market that funds the whole obligation will boom indefinitely, with few unforeseen obstacles, and will greatly increase earnings, although fluctuating, can offer incentives to retire later for higher income, and income versus inflation will be greater than a now assured collapsing system, and will make individuals with a variable income more responsible who will learn to save and invest.

If you want world peace, you have to de-fund the military of all nations. Do you really like trillions of your tax dollars going to a war machine which spends a thousand dollars on a bolt with a scientific name, $10,000 on a toilet seat for an F-14 fighter, only to kill thousands to millions of our troops and innocent people on the other side of the equation, engaged in wars and occupations that never end, causing an infinitely-long grudge match? This is not just an attack of the U.S. Federal government, my ideas will go global as all civilians world-wide have an obligation to revolt against their government, so for example Russia does not have an unfair advantage against the U.S. If you want the thousand years of peace promised in the Bible, this is our most pressing need, and maybe my greatest legacy. But that doesn’t mean the total absence of a military. The military will give way to a militia that is more interested in domestic security, privateers, mercenaries, soldiers of fortune, who can engage in smaller conflicts to more surgically remove the more indiscreet element with less loss of life and money, not held back by a government that wants to micro-manage war and send the soldiers into harms way with one hand tied behind their back. As a militia member and private version of the Army Corps of Civil Engineers, I raised $2.5 million to deal with the Mexican border crisis. You can make a lot of money as a militiaman or privateer. It was a military general and President, Dwight D. Eisenhower, that said, “Beware of the industrial-military complex” in 1961, which may have lead to possible inside-job conspiracies that allowed Pearl Harbor to be bombed, John F. Kennedy to be assassinated, and the element on U.S. soil that wanted 9-11 to happen. These theories are as old as the blend of war and capitalism, even Emma Goldman knew World War I was largely about money.

By and large, you can privatize everything the government does and make it better, cheaper, and friendlier, and it’s not all about money. At first we had to pay out of pocket as Minutemen to embarrass the anti-democratic government into enforcing immigration laws – freedom works, especially when you take the law into your own hands and the law allows that. We can even suspend McCaine-Feingold campaign finance reform and privatize the politicians, who can receive donations, moon-light on the side, or use their websites the way I do to raise capital, asking for donations, and selling or offering free commission-based advertising is the key as advertising is the number one industry in the world. They can remain in the legislation business, no more fiscal management. Nobody is more criticized then politicians, but in fairness to them, they have hard jobs. People have often asked me, between Democrats and Republicans, who is better. As a conservative, my voting record is mostly Republican, until I found the light from Rush Limbaugh, who over-endorses Republicans in a kool-aid-drinking frenzy. Don’t fall for the scam Republicans want you to fall for by paying a lower tax, it only leads to bigger government. The Democrats and Barrack Obama are giving me everything I want, as higher taxes means law-of-diminishing returns, overspending and over-borrowing, and that is why the system will collapse. Politicians who promise to get rid of the IRS cannot be trusted. Only your commitment as a non-tax payer will create paradise, while over-consuming social services, which is a good thing. Like Karl Marx said, “socialism leads to communism leads to anarchy”, an observation of his past and history only repeats itself. Many members of the Obama administration even admit they expect tax revenue to dry up in 20 years, but we can make it happen faster and turn around the world economy. Many Democrats even admit they are the party of eventual smaller or no-government, as the treasury department admitted in 2014 they foresee lower tax revenues in 5 years, but more people going back to work. Only the votes for anarchists can get rid of the taxes and legislate what little needs to be legislated to privatize government, and this can prevent a civil war by over-zealous politicians who try to overcome a tax revolt, and lead possibly to Ruby Ridge-Waco style events. Sounds like a David versus Goliath story, and it is, with David guaranteed to win. And even though a recent survey reveals only 16% of us want to get rid of the government, surveys really don’t matter, because we all like money and most people are hypocritical. We all want money from the government but don’t want to give money to the government, which is why anarchy is guaranteed, but let’s make it happen now. Anarchy today, anarchy tomorrow, anarchy forever. We can all sell and buy tax audit insurance, tax audit lottery tickets, and collect and offer tax audit charity to and receive from each other, and it cannot be made illegal because otherwise the web servers that exchange the money will simply go overseas. Don’t pay your taxes.

There will probably be a transformation in the division of labor like the world has never seen, as much of what the government does in the private sector is not desirable. This is why it is adamantly necessary legislatures privatize EDD (unemployment insurance), to be set up as an agreement where both employee and employer contribute to premium based on likelihood of employee to go unemployed and have hardship finding new job based on nature of industry, personal history, etc. This will work much better than a system where 95% of the laid-off/fired employees wait right before EDD runs out before finding a job, once 99 weeks in this country and 5 years in Denmark. It is very important we be charitable at this time and think of family members and neighbors who will face hardships, even Cash Aid and Food Stamps can remain as a department that receives donations and places the funds into a stock market portfolio. Many welfare recipients are too mentally or physically disabled to work, while many SSI/SSDI recipients can work, hence the unpleasant contradiction, and there should be a mechanism where welfare recipients can get two physician notices of inability to work to be quickly submitted to SDI/SSI/SSDI private authorities required by law to honor benefits until competition and threat of arbitration makes legislative law less necessary. Pensions largely based on scams and too high to maintain will give way to retirement and 401K money, also funded by stock market portfolios dictated by cooperation between employer and employee. In an anarcho-capitalist non-system where the economy is likely to overheat, the public-turned-private sector industries will only attract good employees who insist on employers who grand-father retired or about to be retired employees with retirement money, knowing they themselves will not likely receive the same benefit in a long-term engagement based on good faith, otherwise they will go to a different employer. In the United States, union support has largely gone from the private to the pubic sector since 1981, so the threat of strikes and collective bargaining should be introduced to prevent the highest authorities in these industries from being overpaid and should be compelled into disbursing more compensation to the more vital and harder working low-end workers.

Privatization, which already occurs in the public sector, uses the following to survive and potentially prosper if supply versus demand favors their services:

1. Fees and fines, if what you do is required
2. Donations – verification with testimonials is good, as well as food, clothing, etc. instead of money
3. A percentage of lottery/raffle/gaming ticket money (does not require legislation, use International websites) – online black jack, poker, cribbage, John Madden Football, all good examples
4. A percentage of profits on goods sold in store (Amazon does the same for non-profits, is good as drop-shipping means less risk but lower profits) – see for the little guy’s revenge when forming an industrial democracy pool and taking down big business
5. A percentage of advertising revenues for government websites that already have high traffic/PageRank/Woodrank/Raterank –, and are examples of low-to-no cost commissioned (CPA) MLM pyramid advertising with five advantages over Amway and traditional MLM’s, for e-mail, search engine optimization, social media – take down big cost per click/impression advertising firms who only profit because of all the small businesses who lose money (big business can buy advertising in bulk, cheap per unit click/impression, etc.). Micromanagers and spammers go away. A must have!
6. Also, the assets can be invested in mutual funds in economies with dividends/capital gains that will far exceed inflation, as is essential with private social security. Stock market portfolios, with a permanent healthy Wall Street-Main Street relationship, institutions dumping stock prematurely to cheat small investors less likely because of industrial democracies (again, see, Fourier analysis (studying the inherit wave-like nature of stock values, and almost everything, a smoother future’s market looking at factors, many levels of sub-factors, and an extrapolation curve (more predictable) because of trends analysis at,

Anarchy Jail

The imperative need to use tax exemptions, or better yet go tax exempt by being tax delinquent, not criminal, as the working people pay most of the taxes and the exemptions traditionally apply to the wealthy who want to keep you poor, fuel the need to donate to or create tax audit charities for the few people who lose money in tax audits, as well as create tax audit insurance and lotteries to further encourage a world population to say “NO!!!” to taxes, who will never fear tax auditors again, while applying for other tax relief very popular at this time. The horrific consequences of paying taxes can be summarized as follows… Stupidity of Paying Taxes, Summary of Inevitabilities

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