Stupidity of Paying Taxes

In a nutshell, there are four reasons it is a very bad idea to pay taxes:
1. The system is going to collapse anyway according to the treasury department, so now is the time to pull out. The IRS has had its budget cut and this is expected to continue, as Republicans make deals with Democrats who refuse to cut taxes, increasing the odds you will not be audited if tax delinquent. If you pay taxes you could literally wind up on the streets. Because of the progressive tax system, the wealthy disproportionately pay a much higher share of the taxes, except the many who have exemptions as laws and tax burdens are always a greater hardship for working people, so if you pay taxes, as worker, business owner, or investor, your competition is not paying taxes because of Jim Wood so you will lose market share, go out of business or lose your job, and wind up on the streets with no social service money, exposure to the elements, exposure to an increasing number of hard-core criminals released form prisons, and potential starvation.
2. Identity theft is out of control and if you pay taxes, someone is likely to steal your money and then the government is likely to come after you for the stolen money. Studies show people are much more likely to get audited if you pay taxes then when you don’t. Let’s give Washington a taste of it’s own medicine for intentionally making the illegal immigration problem worse by not paying taxes, as illegal aliens are the reason we have so much identity theft.
3. Why would you not want to win a tax audit insurance settlement where you come out ahead? Better yet, why would you not want to win a tax audit lottery, or make money with very little money up front, by starting your own tax audit lottery? Why would you not want to be one of the very lucky few who first lose money in an unlikely audit, then collect charity money from me or the many people worldwide who will offer charity, knowing tax audit relief websites can be setup cheaply and quickly and easily land free traffic for the first few when the concept goes viral with high demand, low competition, landing you on Google’s to ten search for many keywords? Losses are likely to be low, as a tax revolt means low interest penalties (simple supply-side economics), and Republicans and/or gridlock are determined to keep penalties low. We all stop paying taxes, we all put up websites selling tax audit lottery tickets, and every taxman on this planet will stop dead in his tracts. If you are audited and penalized, you could win a fortune. The most common radio/podcast commercials are tax lawyers offering tax debt relief for those more than $10,000 in debt, with the likelihood of spending less than you would otherwise owe.
4. Did you know if you pay taxes you are literally aiding and abetting a tax evader? Your tax money will be used to fund taxmen to audit non-tax payers and make them wealthy when they win a tax audit lottery, so don’t pay taxes.

What are taxes? Taxes are theft. What is the Federal Reserve? The Federal Reserve is counterfeiting.
The collapse of the Soviet Union caused Moscow to print a high volume of rubles to employ corrupt government workers, causing high inflation, more suffering, until the ruble was cut in value to create a smaller government, unlikely to expand like in the U.S., Japan, and Germany. There may be a need to burn down the Federal Reserve building because of the lust for electronic counterfeiting with no oversight, and have International default declarations and/or bankruptcy, and it will have competition when new revenue is created when needed, but must be used for loans and not other obligations. We are all the media, and must investigate those who counterfeit for nefarious purposes, otherwise their reputations as business people will be scared for life.

We at are serious about starting an Anarchist Party that will offer people like me a chance to run for U.S. President and prevent a civil war as the beast is likely to get ugly if they know about a tax revolt, and could lead to Ruby Ridge-Waco-Bundy ranch style events. We are serious about winning elections with charismatic candidates who can win, and bring peace to the world, get rid of the IRS, privatize everything, and legislate as libertarians. If we lose, we can split the conservative ticket, prevent the Republicans from winning, who give us bigger government than the Democrats, and the Democrats are good for business, as they will not cut taxes, not cut spending, and that means the system collapses that much faster. The Republican party is not a conservative party, they are plutocratic socialists, who want to invade the rest of the world, let the rest of the world invade us, they want your tax money to go to the military-industrial complex, money for hegemony, chambers of commerce who want cheap illegal alien labor, as amnesty has nothing to do with legitimizing the ones who are here now, but seducing more to come here, money for harmful pharmaceuticals and banning Canadian drugs which are actually safer than American drugs with fewer third world ingredients, money for the banks, loan companies, and insurance companies who committed fraud with the sub-prime loan scandal (it was George W. Bush’s idea based on a speech he gave to the Urban League in the fall of 2002) to intentionally gut the world economy, reward the mortgage criminals with a bail-out, make it hard to declare bankruptcy because of the credit card companies, and increase dependencies. George W. Bush was nothing but a prostitute, and the Republican party base works hard to make people like him, his brother Jeb, and other neocons the nominees of the party, who are often nominated because they split the conservative ticket, but have little chance of getting elected. This is why the Democrats feel as with western European liberals they will dominate future elections. If the Anarchist party becomes viable, I could become the next Abraham Lincoln and become the first third party candidate to win a presidential election since 1860, and make the Republican party insignificant the same way they displaced the Whigs in 1860. Democratic domination, while still guaranteeing a stateless society, is still dangerous as the militant secularists will become hostile in acknowledging our tax revolt combined with increased weapon’s purchases, so vote Anarchist to bring peace to the world, as you cannot have peace without anarchy, as synergy leads to consensus, and we all embrace mutual symbiosis.

Sandra Lock

Government – Victims have no rights, criminals have all the rights, and if you expose the scam, you will be arrested and prosecuted just for being a victim.

Anarchism with Nihilism – Emma Goldman – Do as thou wilt.

Larry Elder

Libertarianism – Larry Elder – Thou shalt not create a victim.


Jesus Christ – Thou shalt love thy God with all thy heart, and thou shalt love thy neighbor.

Sincerely yours,

James Dante Wood

Podcaster and blogger

In service of God and the world.

God bless the United Territories of America, God bless the world, and do not pay your taxes!

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