Military RobotImmortal Man-machine Duality – Mutual Symbiosis Forever

While in a world about half liberal and half conservative, I choose to be peace-maker when claiming to be an anarcho-centrist or “mutualist”, there is a similar more fascinating rivalry between anarcho-primitivists and techno-anarchists. Money is the root of all evil, and even though I say good things about temporary leaderless anarcho-capitalism, with anarcho-communism with voluntaryism, money eventually goes away as with current software and hardware technology, you don’t need people anymore, cheaper and better with radar, color spectroscopy sensing, infrared and star-light amplification and sensing in the dark, and so on. But the poor cannot afford the robots until governments worldwide collapse, with the tax revolt, combined with insane numbers of ideas to employ people. The third industrial revolution will begin, and income gaps will close. To compete with machines, chips in the body, especially in the brain to potentially live forever, will be necessary. They already help quadrapalegics move things (retractable robot arms and fingers, with spongy fingers, better than human fingers), feeling things of different pressure, help you surf TV and soon the Internet, and so on. Even without the brain implants, RFID implants have been used for sometime in attempts to find missing people, house arrest for parolees, buy things more conveniently and securely because of many more levels of encryption than chips on debit/credit card information easily stolen from skimmers in hidden backpacks/purses from ten feet away, as they have larger microprocessors and your smart phone will sound when close to a thief, in many cases, with criminal records/online accusations. They read vital signs with bio-transducers, which insurance companies will gladly pay for, including the surgery, as they will save a lot of money when you don’t have to be in the hospital as often. They can lock/unlock, open/close doors, windows, turn lights on/off, control any remote device, like security camera/alarm systems, energy savings for sprinklers, central air, remote-controlled cars, and so on.

The Borg
Eternal life as “the Borg”. “The more machines become like people, the more people become like machines.” – Karl Marx.

I have been called the “Unabomber” many times, as I am an anarchist like him, look like him, often lived in small, remote cabins, dubbed the “Unabomber cabin” by locals in the San Bernardino mountains, but unlike the real Unabomber (Ted Kaczynski), I don’t blow up people with mail bombs. Instead, I blow up human heads with challenging problems and overwhelming challenges for the human race, based on math (Ted taught mathematics at Berkeley), physics, current affairs, etc. And I might add cars (blow up the motors), toilets with too many chemicals, and, of course, computers. I know how to hack into them but never did, just send a lot of spam (e-mail, black hat spam, etc.), the little guy’s revenge as we cannot compete with big money advertisers, who buy in bulk with discounted per-unit prices. Ted argued in his “Unabomber Manifesto” that technology is the worst thing that ever happened to us. Even Dr. Hawking occasionally warns us about the slippery slope, where some technology can do terrible things, no better example than nuclear weapons. But the “dark angel” phenomenon is something else you have to worry about, where cyber-attacks, too much usage, etc. can shut-down most systems for a long time. Kaczynski as a teacher, and I was briefly a teacher, probably understood how Scan-tron was the death-nail for education in the late ’70’s, as it made the teachers and students lazy with all multiple choice exams where you don’t learn much. You can use something like a Google-based essay exam process, or better yet MyRatingSearch, with open computer exams, which discourages cheating, because you have to prepare in advance, as they will have to prepare to write fast, and students will try to solve problems with keyword density closest to unseen teacher’s solution pages. They can use a closed intranet to look at other students’ results, link to them and therefore vote, rate, comment on, and rate the comments, where you want to be high up a pyramid, but get credit for pointing to unique, original content, and of course be keyword relevant.

Divide with the SwordSo as always, I try to take things in moderation, though hard as an extremist, even as a tech-fanatic, anarcho-primitivism is a necessary “backup” for potential nuclear war, natural disasters, even paper vote backups for allegations of vote hacking that will lead to recounts, and must be explained and appreciated. The slippery slope needs a sword that must pick the ice right now to see where you are going, think, then react as peacefully as possible, otherwise it’s a double-edge sword of hypocrisy that can lead to Armageddon – the end of the world, not a peace treaty, the theory of some, but a major loss of life. Just as is there is no other more important rivalry than the decision to avenge or forgive. Jesus did say, because of the failure to appreciate the forgiveness of debt in His day, after He forgave all debt, and the slave killed his master, we are all hypocrites. So He said He would return to divide with the sword.

But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” Revelation, Verse 21, Verse 8.

Honesty is the best policy for those who passed on (raptured?), yours truly, proud to be an animal, not human, those who know sharing the wealth, volunteering information, working against you in the past when innocence was lost decades ago, is now paramount to success and even necessary, for those who have any shot at survival and good karma. Sir Thomas Moore, in “Utopia”, assures you we see innocence in the animals, everyone else is challenged as a sinner and recipients of seven years of trials and tribulations, according to the Bible, and the contradictions of man’s laws who benefit from the suffering of the many, the naivete of many more, gives hope to King David’s prediction that God’s laws ultimately trump man’s laws, it is impossible for you Winston Smith’s to cry tears for Big Brother indefinitely, or be those who benefit from John the Savage hanging himself, otherwise you are ridiculed as the sucker born every minute, now dying every minute, and there are confessing Sams now ratting out sociopaths formerly in power who are evil but stupid, as they make enemies with former spouses and others who cannot and will not fear them, only the change reaction of those killed for their cowardice, and the threat of being thrown in the lake of burning sulfur. From a secular or religious point of view, even when not looked at in harmony with each other by the fools who insist on killing each other off because of their religion and/or politics, be advised, horror minimizes casualties, and the lyrics of Culture Club, “War is stupid and people are stupid“.

Slippery slope
The slippery slope, where you are on top of an icy hill, and you can easily slide down in one of two directions – right wing versus left wing, capitalism versus communism, techno-anarchy versus anarcho-primitivism, but the biggest dilemma – forgiveness versus revenge. The return of Jesus, we are told, is designed to turn the younger against their elders for not appreciating the forgiveness of debt, after the slave killed his master, as all human beings are hypocrites, and forgiveness of debt means don’t pay them, now I got rid of the government, the same government that has the nerve to ask for more tax money, as the government gave away, out of shear greed, your information to thieves who answer all hint-answers correctly when they steal your PayPal and other bank information, and that means debt collectors for debts you never heard of, as they kick you more when you’re down then when you’re up, so the solution, though well advised as peaceful, will not be peaceful, unless as an act of magic I have no specialty in, only occurs with the true return of Christ for 1,000 years of peace. The sword for the slope can easily be swung by the many who are hypocrites, and with the double-edge sword they bear in the feisty uncertainty of double-think, they will only slide in one of two directions. Or you can stab the ice with the sword as an ice pick, think, be proactive against worse-case-scenario, embrace long term best-case-scenario, and exalt mutual symbiosis, otherwise “there will be anarchy and there will be Armageddon”, and the Bible does dictate there will be a major loss of life on this planet…You’ve been warned….persecute and prosecute this-that you evil little too-bad for burn-in-Hell parasites.

The choice is yours… The sadists will be turned against the masochists, until they exist no more, and the moral will inherit the world.  “Here is the perseverance and the faith of the saints” – Revelation, Verse 10, Chapter 13. The aggressive will be turned against the passive-aggressive, until they exist no more, and the very few who are assertive will inherit the world.


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